Aim for Truth: Sagittarius New Moon Vibes

Sagittarius is a wandering individualist.  

A rugged adventurer, one who enjoys the pursuit almost as much as the reward.  A brave archer, forever aiming in alert focus, is the Sagittarius symbol.  Life is mostly a spirited quest to the Sagittarius soul.

And what are they searching for?  No less than their own personal truth.  Constantly on the move, their wanderlust may cause interpersonal issues.  A Sagittarius might try to move away from their problems, or seem flaky to others.  

Yet, Sag people make good entrepreneurs and teachers, as they’re experiential learners, funny, and generous too.  Sagittarius folks are dynamic characters, unafraid to be themselves, filled with utter magic.  We can call in their focused search for truth in a spell and two workings.  

Aim For Truth:  Invoke Sagittarius Energy

The search for what fuels us is central to each Sag individual.  Unafraid to let their lights shine, they seek out truth relentlessly.  Let’s call in some of that focused drive as we prepare to summarize our goals, in this last New Moon of 2017.

You’ll need a black and red candle.  Black to protect, red to symbolize vitality.  

Clear a space to do your spell.  Shower.  Anoint yourself with your favorite stimulating essential oil.  Peppermint or Camphor White.  Get your wand, athame, crystals-- whatever you need to feel safe and comfortable during a spell.

Sit facing North.  Call on the East, and Air.  South, and Fire.  West, Water.  North, and Earth.  Call on the Moon and her magic.  Thank the elements for their energy.  

Imagine a sphere of light radiating out from your body.  Light the black candle and say, “I ask my guides for protection.”  You are safe and protected within that sphere.     

Clear your mind.  Let the New Moon’s energy infuse you. Let it sink in.  Just open and allow.  

Consider what you’ve sacrificed on your path towards greater honesty.  What stories have you had to leave behind?  What lies have you abandoned in the name of love and truth?

Now, what’s the next story to be debunked?  You know in your heart what it is.  Give it a name now.  Give it a voice.  

Light the red candle.  Get ready to call in Sag power.  Breathe, and say,

Sagittarius Flow

Aim at what I know

A psychic sleuth

In search of truth

I let my falsehoods go

Really dig in to what you need to release.   

What’s a bullshit lie someone (parent, teacher, coach, lover) or something (an ad, a movie, a video game) told you, and you were too young or inexperienced to disbelieve them?

A lie that ended up hurting you later because you took it on?  Absorbed it?

Let that lie go now.  Breathe deep.  Breathe out.  

Let it release from your gut.

Let it uncurl from your spine.

Let it exit your heart.

Let it leave your mind.  

And it its place, create a new and positive, true belief.  

You are worthy.  You are special.  You are magic.   

Meditate as the red candle burns.  Allow yourself the time you need to become familiar and enthusiastic about your “replacement belief.”  Really let it sink in.  When you’re ready to close your circle, say,

“Thank you, Moon. Earth.  Water.  Fire.  Air.  Thank you guides.  And now it is done.”

Blow your your candles.  Toss the remnants.  You did it!

Two follow up activations to do today:

List last year’s growth moments in your journal.  

Because this is the last New Moon of the year, it’s a good time to summarize all the epic moments of 2017 currently gunking up your emotional processors, while thinking towards the new year.

I did mine in categories:  Last Year and Next Year.  My sub-categories included:

  • Love
  • Money
  • Magic
  • Friendship
  • Sex
  • Family
  • Art
  • Mental Health
  • Work
  • Music

Mix it up and add your own.  Kids, Travel, Savings, Promotion, School, Whatever.  Keep it succinct: 2-3 sentences for each sub-category.  And remember to keep it posi in your “next year” goals!  You can do this shit.

Risk something, in the spirit of daring Sagittarius.  

But Mercury’s in retrograde right now.  No stress.  Risk something low-key.  As long as you don’t make plans or sign contracts that can’t be rescinded, we’re good.  Think:

  • Wear something that makes you feel daring
  • Say a truthful compliment to someone you admire
  • Speak your truth when you might otherwise remain silent
  • Create something that scares you with your honesty
  • Explore something sexy you find intriguing, yet taboo

That’s it.  Use this spell and these activations in good health, with good intentions.  

Remember.  You are magic.

X, Suzy Mae