Neon Altar: Air Elements

Intellect flows.  Intent shifts and blows. 

Blowing in from the East, elemental Air energy is cleansing, sharp, clearing, and intuitive.  Connected to the Sword energy of the Tarot, Air energy cuts through nonsense and brings with it fresh insight.  Swords in magic represent decision-making and crisp intellect.  You may want to embody Air on your altar when you’re looking to make a choice or find a solution with sharpness and precision.  

The air is where we cast our circles, create protective spaces, and through which psychic energy passes.  Air flows and shifts.  It is mutable, untouchable, yet ever-present.  We may imagine the movement of air around us at our altars, feeling a fresh wind blow our anxieties and stresses away.  Let the Air bring you fresh emotions. A thorough cleansing. 

When creating an Air altar, or adding Air symbology to an Elemental altar, let freeing, flowing imagery come to mind.  Think about what you already may own that flutters in the wind or fans air around.  What uses air to survive and thrive? What is sharp and precise?

Some ideas for your altar’s Air Element energy:


Photos or statues of birds or flying creatures

Representations of winged magical beings, like fairies,  angels, or Pegasus

An essential oil air diffuser

Air-connected crystals such as Kyanite, Quartz, Fluorite, Citrine or Celestite

Athame or sword

Bell or chime

Decorative fan 

A light scented spray to mist in the air

Art representing Mercury

As you build your Air altar element, focus on what you want to receive.  Allow ideas to form in your mind.  Let fresh perspectives swirl into your mind, cleansing and clearing out old, stale thoughts.  

Air whispers, so you must listen.  Let your psychic abilities stretch as you focus on Air at your altar.  Trust that you are hearing what you need to know.  Feel the wind rush through your pores and bones, removing impurities and leaving clean cells behind.  

Breathe deeply.   Thank your body for its magical ability to respirate automatically.  Feel the air in your lungs.  Sip it in like a luscious drink.  

Air is a magickal element that speaks to our intellect and insight.  It’s a fierce energy that asks us to listen closely to the universe as we tune in to ourselves.  

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Remember: Trust Your Magic.

xo, Suzy Mae