A candle glows.  A light burns.  A spark illuminates.  

Fire represents the brilliant burn of urge.  A sparkling, chaotic energy, it can be contained or rage out of control.  Learning to respect and work with fire magic means learning when to suppress it, and when to let go, harnessing our passion and desires for the ultimate good.

Did you know that obsession with fire is a cultural thing?  Children in cultures who are exposed to fire and how to use it generally lose interest in starting fires by about age seven.  However, in Western cultures, kids are kept from fire and the practicality of managing it.  They seek to discover the magic of fire on their own, sometimes resulting in injury and damage.  

How human-- to want that which we have not mastered.  To seek to control what we do not yet understand.  In this way, fire is a strong stand-in for passion.  Creativity.  Desire.  The next time you light a candle on your altar, consider what burns in your heart, charging up your heart with longing and want.  Why is it there? What is unfinished?  How might you tame that burning feeling without putting it out completely?

One of the most popular ways to play with fire is Candle Magick. Select a color that represents your desire or intent.  Dress your candle with the appropriate oils and herbs for your spell.  

Charge up your candle by holding in both hands.  Close your eyes.  Focus super-hard on your desires.  Are you calling in an energy or desire?  Use your hands to rub oil on the candle, pulling towards you.  Are you repulsing or ridding yourself of a habit or feeling?  Pull those energies away from you, visualizing them rushing out your door, into the wild, where the Earth will neutralize the negativity. 

Focus.  Light your candle. (Or turn on our battery-powered flames, for those who can’t use literal fire in their homes.)  We begin a focused moment as the flicker begins to burn.  

As it disappears, know it’s transforming your intent into the power of the universe.  

You’re activated.  

If you need to end the flame, don’t blow it out with your breath, and blow away your intention.  Use a snuffer and put it out, reminding the candle you’ll be back to refresh the energy:  “hold that thought.”  Relight with the same intent when you come back to your altar.  Pay the candle attention as it burns. Then let it out of your mind. 

There are other ways to invoke Fire energy on your altar, if you can’t burn a candle or incense. 

Some ideas for your altar’s Fire Element energy:

  • Ashes from a bonfire you’ve burned outside
  • Imagery or statues of fire creatures:  Dragons, Phoenixes, Chimera, Salamanders
  • A battery-powered flame
  • Fire element crystals:  Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Fire Agate
  • Orange, red, and yellow items with fiery meaning
  • Candles
  • Burning Cauldron
  • Incense
  • Fiery plants: Cinnamon, Cumin, Juniper, St John’s Wort, Thistle, Pepper, Rosemary
  • Fire God homages.  Here are but a few; work with deities you are called to.  Work with the cultures that connect to your own or respectfully explore those outside of your bloodline:  Ra (Egypt), Sekhmet (Egypt), Agni (Hindu), Amaterasu (Japan), Brigit (Ireland), Hestia (Greece)

As you work on your Fire Element Altar, call in the passion you want to experience.  Think about what spurs you on, invigorates you, sparks your interest, calls you in. 

Use fire to ignite your desires and destroy ideas you just don’t need anymore.  

Honor its destructive power.  Feel its creative fuel.  Have fun with fire!

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Remember: Trust Your Magic.
xo, Suzy Mae