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Water is an emotional currency.  A flowing, intuitive connection to spirit and body.  We are water-based beings.  It  runs through our 3D selves.  It cleanses impurities from our blood.  We crave it, we need it.  As water runs through our bodies, so does emotion.  We pour out libations to the Goddess.  We drink from her vessel.  Water is the base for transformation, transmutation, ever flowing energy. 

Emotion lives in our guts.  We can feel stomach muscles  tense with stress.  Fear may live in our bowels.  Anxiety in our head.  When we think of positive emotions, our back may relax.  Touching a lover, your heart skips a beat.  Feeling happy, your lips will curl into a smile.  

Emotions are drivers of behavior. 

We make decisions based on emotions first, then rationalize our choice later.  The highest achievement for a modern brand is an emotional connection to their customers.  The app and technology we’re using right now has been gamified to bring maximum emotional pleasure to our brains.   

How can we avoid being controlled by our emotions? 

An analogy drawn between emotions and water: imagine a surfer, riding a large and powerful wave.  As the wave crashes, he chooses to ride along the top, dive under, or let it crash into him.  When massive emotions erupt, we can visualize these emotions as the wave, and ourselves as the surfer. 

Ride the wave of emotion and let yourself feel it.  If you’re ready to face the raw feeling of a transformative moment, open.  Receive.  Shift. 

If you’re not ready, don’t tumble into the ocean of desperation and overwhelm.  Duck under the wave, remotely analyzing the situation from a quiet place within our minds.  Emotional waves are powerful.  Ask: 

Why are you reacting this way? 

Will losing control benefit you in the long run?  


Breathing in and out, and asking myself these questions, helps combat panic attacks and fear. 

Make an homage to water, a wave of emotion, on your altar, as you ponder what in your life can be surfed smoothly, and ask for help breaching the waves you’re currently diving under. 

How to honor emotions with water altars: 

Images or statues of Water Gods: Oshun (Yoruba), Anuket (Egypt), Lir (Irish), Charybdis (Greek), Poseidon/ Neptune (Greek/ Roman)

Chalices (any glass you love for your altar aesthetics) holding water

Any jar or container full of special water: moon water, sun water, ocean water, rain water

Water Element Crystals:  Emerald, Amazonite, Moonstone, Selenite, Chrysocollla

Water/ beach finds: Shells, dried seaweed, stuffed fish, bones, sands, rocks, seagull feathers

Photographs of the ocean, a lake, or body of water with meaning to you

Blue and silver candles

Pitchers and vases of water

Flowers, fake or real: Lotus, Water Lily, Cattail, Ferns, Moss

Planets:  The Moon, Neptune, Pluto

Herbs: Witch Hazel, Catnip, Willow, Yarrow, Ivy

Apples, Roses, Poppies, any moon-blooming plant

A photo of your favorite fictional psychic

We will always have emotional reactions to events in our lives. Hopefully the visual of a wave and the challenge to surf it or dive helps you on your journey for peace. 

Neon Altar