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Anousha Hutton

A woman who trusts her vision

Anousha Hutton is a natural intuitive, with experience delivering healing sessions to clients all over the world, using her unique personal blend of Clairvoyance, Mediumship, and Tarot.  Anousha is mega-prolific.  She offers Energyscopes on her Facebook, writes for the Opal Club, and is constantly refining her own line of magical oil blends.  

Part of Anousha’s uniquely powerful approach to spirituality is due to her creative vision.  Anousha is a gifted artist and photographer.  She blends her skills, both creative and psychic, to tap into the essence of her subjects, revealing dark and beautiful truths to the world.  Her vision is surreal and intense; honest and raw.  

It’s through Anousha’s photographs that you’ll get a sense of her essence: clever and wise, funny and deeply intelligent.  It’s how I met her, years ago, struck by the world she’d created and the stories she conjured in each image.  I booked Anousha immediately for a photo shoot, and after that first meet, we quickly became close, sharing our histories, finding similar perspectives, laughing ourselves to death over glasses of red wine (put a few ice cubes in hers, please.)

I’m stoked to ask Anousha questions about her practice, creations, and connection to Spirit for the Neon Witch.  Sharing her wisdom with the world is a pleasure.  Please read on for inspiration.

First, congratulations on your fresh line of oil blends.  Let’s hear about your plans for this batch.  What’s inspired you to create this new collection, and how will it enhance the lives of those who use them?

My line has truly been a labor of love. The line was born out of the work I do doing psychic readings for people, I recognized a true need for my clients to shift certain energies in there lifes or to entice new beginnings in certain realms of their energies.

My boyfriend and I had just moved into a cabin with a garden full of fresh ingredients, Fresh aloe, Lavender, Rosemary. Being from London and always haven been a bit of a city girl, I found myself in and amongst so much nature.

One day, after a session for a client, I created my grounding line for myself, I went to my grounding tree outside and instead of leaning on it barefoot, I decided to break off a bit of bark, I added some soil, Palo Santo Oil and some Coconut Oil I had laying around. I put some on my temples and pressure points and inhaled and found myself rooting much quicker than before. It was then that I realized, that this tool could be so important for empath empowerment.


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Empowering people is and always has been my biggest goal with my spiritual work, and in particular, is the very essence behind the line.


I often would find myself creating my unique formulas whilst in trance, after sessions I would be in a meditative state, I would channel information on what would work best to invoke certain energies, a lot of the information I was guided to, once I tried and sampled the products myself I knew I was onto something because they simply worked for me! I then sold to friends and clients only and when hearing their experiences I knew it was very different to what was currently available on the market.

Each line comes straight from source and straight from my heart. My plans for my first line is to introduce a line that is using fresh, quality living ingredients, products that are charged with the energy of intent and are easily available to consumers. I wanted to make this line affordable for everyone, my next line is Art Deco/ Tarot inspired and will be very different in formula inspiration and packaging but this line sources the beginning, birth and ethical foundation of my product work.

All products are Vegan, Paraben free, Animal cruelty free, most of my packaging is Biodegradable, I'm trying to keep all of my lines as environmentally conscious and sound as possible.


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You have a deep connection to Spirit, one you’ve nourished since childhood.  How has your relationship to Spirit evolved over the years?  


A great question! I suppose, over time, it has become much more clarified, crystallized. Spirit's voice runs deeper, more clarified within my visions, hearings and teachings. I have always felt a strong connection to other realms, but I suppose over the years, my trust in spirit has developed. As a result my listening skills have as well. I am less afraid of the messages spirit brings. I trust in Spirit's involvement in my path more than my ego's desires. I hope that makes sense!

What’s something you’ve learned that may inspire or help others just beginning to develop a connection to Spirit and their Guides?

Trust. Trust in the messages. Trust in the Visions.  Trust in yourself.


Something I deeply admire in you, is your belief in yourself.  As humans, we’ve been given so many false beliefs about who we’re supposed to be, or how we must act, in order to be loved or valued.   What drives you to follow your personal vision so bravely and truthfully?


Thank you, I deeply admire this quality within you also.

In this life, all we truly have is ourselves, we go through this life and out of this life with us and us alone. If I do not believe in myself, then I will have little opportunity to live out the life in which spirit encourages me to walk on. Nothing comes easy, I understand, but the truth of this life is that your relationship with yourself is the priority. As it shifts vibrationally into a space in which you believe in your message, once you concentrate on that and live by it, nothing can truly shake you off course. It is my yearning, to stay on that path for the entirety of my souls existence. 


Anousha Hutton

You have read for many individuals, helping them understand themselves and the world more deeply.  What’s something you’ve noticed people often fear or shy away from, that they should actually embrace?  

Their own power. Most people are truly understanding of their power, but in order to engage in it, they must leave frameworks perhaps they have built for many years, or false feelings of security.

Often engagement in self power can bring up loss wounds, or perhaps engages people in fears of potential loss.  As a result, in many ways, it is hard to visit.

People quite often shy away from their own personal power. In essence, what my job as a reader is to do, is gently guide and steer each client to their own personal power, guiding them to go on path, the way spirit intended for them. This requires spiritual work for the client, but once they do the exercises, and they do the shadow work, we often find that they are ready to steer their own ship.

What excites you about 2018?  What can we expect from your creative mind and determined energy?

2018 is a year of self actualization for so many. It is about identifying your own truths, power, identity without truthfully engaging in any old worn out habits. It's a time of self renewal, new soul contracts and honoring the ones that stayed with you this year, I am excited by the awakening that is happening.

Anousha Hutton

So many people are going through a spiritual awakening.

It is very exciting to provide as a guide for the community in which I serve, and am building. I plan to give in large capacities this year to charitable organizations that empower young women. In everything I do, create, I want to always have the opportunity to give back and empower others in the process, either through my products & services or through donations to charitable causes.

I plan to introduce online courses & workshops for people who are awakening, I plan to make some Dali inspired art work, I plan to also launch a television show my boyfriend, Johnny Taylor Jr, and I, created in 2017.



The show is called Sick Joke. 


It is a talk show we are co-hosting in which we can give many people voice to current political and social issues this country that the world faces at this time. The time is now to create change. Do as much you can and honor yourself in the process. A true rising up for all.

What makes you a badass? (Final question for everyone I interview!)

My ancestors being East End London boxing thugs. Proud of my ancestry. We are fighters, and never give up.

Thank you, dear friend!

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