New Moon Stories: Aquarius Elixir



Aquarius comes at you fresh from the Galactic Council meeting where they get to sample the first taste of the cosmic juices before they get rained down on Earth.

“This brew, crew, this brew!” Aquarius sips and meditates, swirling the elixir around in their mouth, as the different star system representatives await Aquarius’ tasting notes. “I think this batch will go down smooth, but you might want to wait until mid-February to let these particular tracks soak in.”




Aquarius traces their fingers around the circle of the necklace the Galactic Council gave them after their first day as cosmic secretary - EXCUSE ME - “Intergalactic Liaison.” You will also find “Time Traveler” listed on their LinkedIn. But none of the humans are hiring them. Their account is just for show, public education and mischief. Aquarius is above such petty, short-sighted employers. And anyway, everybody knows the aliens deliver on the best benefit packages.


Wouldn’t YOU want health insurance from beings with superior healing technologies? Beings who believe that healing is the right of all?





They view life forms more in terms of resumes of experience. And right now, they are gaining some experience here on Earth.


Walking down sidewalks, riding public transit, they are psychic radios.... broadcasting their channeled information from the other star systems.



They just want to make sure you’re getting ALL of the newspapers, and not just the failing New York Times. If you listen closely to these frequencies, you can pick up a lot of far out information that could lead you to innovation here on Earth.


Tech entrepreneurs would be wise to give Aquarius a seat at the table, but passing them by on the street, they may shake their head at “just another bum who thinks they’re from outer space.” Missed opportunity, bro. Missed opportunity!




Aquarius can get depressed wearing the human mask, can struggle being in this time and space, when they have knowledge of the other realms and the mind-blowing physics that binds us all.


“Why do I have to see out of these eye-holes?” (and eyes in the figurative sense, because as they will tell you, there are a lot of different facial structures for perusing through the search engines of the cosmic webs).



But there is also much to enjoy in the role of human ambassador, and Aquarius sparkles when given the right platform to share their information, even if they can’t explain where it comes from. You can’t take that cosmic wink away from them, their insight into the Bigger Picture, which comforts them and shines through even while they’re enduring the worst day on Earth.




Sometimes on Earth, Aquarius forgets that they’re also human. In their role as cosmic milkperson, they spend a lot of time thinking about the alien/ human binary, in addition to all of the other binaries that still stick and fly with the humans. Aquarius shakes their head.


“What’s an alien if we’re all just energy traveling… somewhere?”




This is a Neon Altar New Moon Story,
In which the writer, inspired by the month's new moon lunation and a portrait, interprets an astrological sign as character.
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This month's Aquarius New Moon Story created by:


Words: Grace Kredell, @athenapronoia

Model: James Ribeiro, @lowkeyhussle

MUA/ Stylist: Derya Derman, @derya_was_here

Astrological consultant:  Gillian Masland, @jung_americans

Photographer: Suzy Mae, @suzy_mae

Please credit @neonaltar & above if reposting 🙏🏻