Aquarius Full Moon: Shed That Defense


Eclipse day.  A path opens. Reality shifts.  When new belief takes hold, we are able to change.

Aquarius is known as the eccentric, humanitarian, logical futurist.  On tonight’s full moon, we want to harness the transformative lunar eclipse energy, in order to release some of Aquarius’s more self-destructive behaviors.  Read on for a 3-card tarot pull, walking us through an Aquarius Eclipse meditation.


Being in service to others is crucial for a balanced life.  But balance includes taking, as well as giving. Look at yourself for real.  Where are you spinning out support to others, without making space for yourself?

The first card pulled for tonight, representing our headspace, is the Queen of Pentacles, all about abundance and maternal power.  The Aquarius influence here might lean towards social justice work you do, or practicing emotional labor for your most vulnerable friends.  When left unchecked, the drive to nurture may burn us out. But when measured and balanced with acceptance of support and love, providing for others is replenishing.  

Rethink your position in life, releasing the feeling that you have to give everything away in order to be loved.  


Second card pulled, about the work we have to do: the charismatic, outgoing, Knight of Wands.  We all know that friend who operates like a ball of energy. They have new ideas left and right, can’t stop thinking (or talking), and are possessed with so much drive, no other mortal soul can keep up.  

We admire these charismatic people because confidence radiates off of them in waves.  They have an energy we wanna bask in, because belief in yourself feels good… even if we’re believing in someone else’s self!

Where in your life, can you bring in that Knight of Wands energy, and leave behind Aquarius’s neurotic, isolationist tendencies?  Think about things you would “never do” or that are “boring and basic.”  Are you being negative for a real reason?  Or are you being Aquarius-ly detached and self-destructive?


In no surprise, the Star emerges as the third card pulled, and the eventual outcome.  If you really focus in and ask a few deep questions, you’ll find yourself in a better space during this transformative time.  

Ask and meditate:

  • Where can I be a joiner and not a critic?  
  • Where can I embrace what’s happening and go with it?  
  • What are preconceived notions I have about those who seek the spotlight?  
  • How can I cast aside the concept of myself as a giver, never a taker?
  • How will I behave when all eyes fall on me?  

Be aware of these questions now.  If you can redirect your anxieties over being seen and being appreciated to the positive side of things, you’ll start drawing power and energy to yourself without even being conscious of it.

It’s important we recognize our strengths and skills, even if they’re not appreciated by mainstream venues.  We are powerful, we are cool, and we are creating the future. Trust your magic.

X, Neon Altar