Aries New Moon: Future Reframe



Today, this Aries New Moon Ritual will help you connect more deeply to yourself, your desires, and what you want out of the world.  The New Moon helps us set things in motion and helps them manifest over the next month.

About writing rituals:  This space is a growing thing. A young sapling testing its roots.  An experiment. A test. A launch in motion. Prior Neon Altar rituals have used candles, chants, meditations, music, writing.  Every month is different, and every month the ritual gets tweaked a bit, by feedback or circumstance or inspiration.

One thing’s consistent, and I’ll be sharing it from now on.  For every Neon Altar ritual, I pull three cards to guide me.  Through the power of the universe, these three have consistently lined up with the zodiac, the moon’s lunation, and what other intuitive peeps online are saying, and this new moon is no diff.

This month, a brutal trio came to light.  3 of Swords. Death. Devil.

Heartbreak.  Change. Addiction.

It’s a sharp turn and a swift kick to the pants.  There are comforts for you, creature, that you don’t want to leave behind.  These soothing elements will destroy you. But there’s a reason you’re into your addiction.  It feels good. But that feeling you get when your worries are at bay? It’s numbness. You can be numb for the rest of your life. It’s easier to remain in the dark.  The reality is harsh. We have to break our hearts.

To emerge from heartbreak, we must die.  A part of us must be given up, sacrificed, killed, in order to move on and let our hearts heal. This doesn’t feel good in the moment.  But this is bigger than a moment. It’s the beginning of everything else.

Look at Aries. Aries is headstrong, bold, driven.  

Caring, willful, encouraging. Energetic debaters. Innocently passionate.  Determined. The New Moon is asking us to call in a fresh hope. A newly pure perspective on our pain.  We can rewrite our histories. It’s not wise to delude, but to re-perspectivize is wise. Yes, that is a word.  


Today we’re gonna work on a writing exercise, where we take challenges and struggles and look at them through Aries eyes.  Confident. Determined. Optimistic.

Go ahead and write these three sentences.  Fill in the blanks.

  1. All my life I’ve struggled with____ .

  1. I’ve always tried to change ____.

  1. I wish I could change my thinking to believe ____.

Now rewrite these sentences on a fresh paper, rewriting what you wrote before in the prompted spaces, and filling in the blanks.

My struggle with (1.)  has helped me ____.

Accepting (2.) has made me a stronger person by_____ .

I believe (3.).

Destroy your first piece of paper.  Rip it up, burn it, flush it. Do all three if you can.  Save the second, putting it in your book of spells or journal.  When you’re feeling terrible, you can always go back to this exercise and start over.  It’s a beautiful Aries New Moon exercise to get yourself in a posi space.

Neon Altar