Black Lives Matter: Wellness & Action Resources




Justice.  Every action drives a reaction.  Everything offered returns.  Justice is energetic equilibrium, and we as humans have the power to influence how Justice is delivered.   

This Black Justice resource list is compiled in support of Black lives. Black people have suffered at white hands for a long and painful era.  Whether in plain sight or obscured, whether evil, ignorant, or well-intentioned, white aggressions against Black people and Black culture have existed since before the founding of the United States (which in itself was a theft).  

There is much to be undone, and more to be built.  This is not solely done by individuals or politicians, but in large part by communities embracing ideas like compassion, equity, and reparations.  Communities comprised of Black leaders and diverse allies.  

This list compiles resources for Black individuals, offering help with mental health and wellness resources. 

It includes resources for white and non-Black POCs to learn, join and support in the fight for racial justice. 

If you’re in LA, where Neon Altar is centered, there are resources for local businesses and organizations where you can send your money and donate your time.  


Black-Focused Wellness Resources


Therapy for Black Girls

Therapy for Black Girls is an online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls.  Find their site at Therapy for Black Girls, where you can find a therapist, access their blog or podcast, and begin healing in a space where you are seen and understood. 


Ethel’s Club 

As an online resource and community for people of color, Ethel’s Club is a subscription site offering virtual salons, events, and classes.  On June 9th, 19th, and 23rd, they’ll host free healing & grieving sessions for Black people exclusively.  


Sista Afya

Collective Sista Afya believes that together, Black women across the African Diaspora can sustain mental wellness through connecting to resources and supporting one another. Join Sista Afya’s online newsletter to learn of upcoming digital mental health seminars.  Located in Chicago, Sista Afya also connects black women nationally to telehealth therapists.  Find more of their resources here.  


Black Feminist Future

Build an altar yourself, or join in a community altar building across the U.S. to process your emotions and reclaim your personal power.  Black Feminist Future, an organization that amplifies the voice of Black, feminist leaders, has created the guide linked above.  Read more about their mission here.  


Tarot by Mademoiselle Danielle 

For a limited moment, Mademoiselle Danielle is accepting donations from white supporters in order to gift tarot readings to Black querents.  The response has been superb, so @starmagicbyashli and @meowmanifesto are also supporting with a limited number of free readings. You may request or donate via @tarotviews on Venmo or IG. Now scheduling for June and July. 


Fifteen Hopeful Affirmations

A celebrated list of affirmations that center self-love and compassion during a time of community crisis is found here, written by activist and therapist Araya Baker. 


Spotify’s Black Power Playlist

A joyful and emotional mix of Black brilliance, from James Brown to Kendrick Lamar to Nina Simone. 


Statistics to prove a point 

A host of information and resources on Black access to mental health exists online to help Black communities feel they are not alone, providing facts, explanations, and links to supportive organizations, put together by Sunshine Behavioral Health, from CA. 


How to support Black-focused wellness and anti-racist movements:


Fund Dive in Well, an organization focused on a more equitable and accessible wellness industry.  Take their courses, buy their workbooks, cultivate space for Black wellness witches!  See their offerings here.


Fund Chicago’s Sista Afya community, a group offering Black women in Illinois and across the U.S. with mental health education, resources, and a network of support. 


Commit to being anti-racist.  See the National Museum of African American History and Culture address this pledge in a virtual workshop.  Grab a journal before sitting down to read, and get ready to write deeply. 


Sign a petition to end the war on Blackness. Color of Change is an organization that’s developed a platform of demands for U.S. police departments.  Read their demands and add your name to the list of people calling for change.  


Educate yourself!  There are many excellent lists already, such as this Anti-Racism Resource doc.


Did you not see a fund here that resonated with you?  Here’s a whole U.S. list for ya.  Scroll, find, click, and give.  



Los-Angeles- Specific Actions


Donate to the People’s City Council bail fund.  In addition to bailing out peaceful protestors, the fund will deliver money to Black Lives Matter LA And The National Lawyers Guild in order to seek justice beyond the protests. 


If you, or someone you know has been arrested as part of the George Floyd protests in Los Angeles and need legal help, contact the National Lawyers Guild here.  


Work with the People’s Budget LA organization to cut LAPD funding, and invest more in the livelihood of Los Angeles’ minorities.  Take a survey or access their toolkit to engage in adjusting the city’s budget, towards more compassionate and just distribution.

Support Black-owned restaurants!  Peruse this delicious list for your next food delivery or pickup, helpfully organized by LA neighborhood. 

This moment is constantly moving, and not everything well-intended can be perfectly executed.  Please use this Black Justice Resource List knowing that I will update as necessary.  While I am muting my privileged, white-passing voice until appropriate on social media, I will be reposting Stories and posts to focus on Black voices and Black leaders. 

Know of a Black-specific wellness resource that can be added to this list or shared on social?  Please email or DM @neonaltar on IG, and accept this offering of organizational energy with the love and support it is intended to provide.  

Trust your magic,
Suzy Mae/ Neon Altar