Cancer New Moon: Creative Transformation

Hello, darlings, the new moon’s here. 

New moons help us focus and launch our goals and desires.  Now is when we set ourselves in motion towards the next step, in life, spirit, or both. 


Tonight holds an eclipse, a fresh beginning, and a creative transformation.  Embrace the Cancerian moon. Let the lunation in your life. 


Bright star return

A star emerges from the dark, twinkling in the night sky.  It represents our inspiration, a spark that can sometimes dim, but return, bright as before.  The Star card often turns up on new and full moons, as each lunation’s window allows us time to check on our personal transformation.  Inevitable as a snake shedding its skin, personal change is best when you don’t resist.  Work with the forces remaking your experience, instead of fighting to stay in the same old place and familiar shape.  Tonight, we focus on sensitivity, emotional intelligence, feeling secure in our home, nurturing, and connecting with/ reflecting on family. 


Going deeper:

What do those Cancerian themes mean to you? 

How can you work these themes into the next two weeks of your life, in a beneficial way? 



Death of the hard edge

Another popular card at full/ new moons, Death signifies a change.  Something’s shifting, fading, being extinguished.  Whatever it is, it’s taking more energy than you’d prefer.  It’s asking you to be more open and soft than you’d like.  To be tenderer than you want to be.  To say goodbye with love. 


What change in your life are you facing with fear or anger?

What do you need to accept, release, and move on from?



Mother of Wands strong

Energetic, protective, creative and fiery, the Mother of Wands is a creature mad about life. She takes chances, lets her spirit drive her, listens to her muse and lets no opposition slow her down.  The Cancerian qualities of sensitivity and a nurturing nature fall right in line with the dynamic Mother of Wands.  Tonight, this card is asking us to embrace the firepower of our empathic selves.  It is asking us not to mistake sensitivity for weakness, but to embrace the heightened awareness and deeper experience it provides. 


What superpower does your sensitivity give you?

How can you use that superpower to help you through your current challenge?



Drink in all the powerful, feminine, nurturing, creative energy of tonight.  The moon’s eclipsing and bringing in rapid growth.  Soak up the emotions.  Don’t fear the feels.  Remember your magic.


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