Cancer's Full Moon: A Shell-Cracking Meditation




Cancer’s Full Moon, on the first of the month, a Monday, no less, is one to contend with.  Hello, mood swings and emotional drama.  Familiar traps, yes, but we’re human, we’re fallible, and the emotional manipulations of anger, sadness, and depression can easily snake into our hearts during the full moon’s wild energy-- this one fueled by Cancer’s sensitive, defensive nature.

This is a meditation designed to crack open the pain that haunts our souls, causing us to lash out in fear, and make it face the light of knowledge.  This will be a transformation, a turning point to begin healing deep wounds.  It’s a heavy beast.  Are you ready?

Today, on the full moon, January 1st, 2018, we choose to face our shit.

Prepare by saging your area, gathering a stone of focus and concentration like Kyanite, and lighting a few white and blue candles to set the scene.  White promotes healing and helps with new beginnings. Blue helps with emotional meditations. Under this Full Cancer Moon, it’s going to get emo.

First, we sit and allow a completely judgment-free sense of love to infuse our bodies.  Starting from our heart and radiating outward in all directions, this golden feeling is parental in nature.  It’s a constant, eternal, protective love from the mothers and fathers we had, or wish we had.  If you can’t conjure parental love, (totally understandable) imagine yourself home (wherever a safe home may be) and secure. Protected from threat, comfortable and unharmed.  Let that feeling swell outwards, in a golden cascade down your spine to your legs and toes.  Up your back, down your arms.  Up your neck and into your crown.  Let this golden light merge and expand, forming a circle around you.  

Now that you feel loved and safe, allow yourself to go to a darker place.

Look for the hard, scraggly shell that surrounds your deep, unhealed hurts and the painful beliefs connected to it.   This is the way you’ve gotten through life thus far.   Hardened.  Steadfast.  You’ve been coping.  But it’s time to unlock some negativity.  Pull it out of the darkness and let it dry up and wither in the light.

What are you ready to face today?  What are you ready to pull out of sealed shame into the light of reality?  What has been tugging on the edges of your consciousness lately, nudging its way into your relationships with others (and yourself)?

Does this trauma have a name?  

What shame do you associate with it?  

Why does this shame and pain manifest today, in your interactions with others? In the way you treat yourself?

Where did you learn to feel shame about this experience?  

What stories were you told to keep you quiet?  To keep you small?  To keep your bright shining light hidden in a shell?  These could be stories from authority figures, television, your church, or even friends and family members.  

What about that story of shame is untrue?  

Allow yourself to let go of that pain.  Allow yourself to release the lies that we were given so others could feel better about their behavior.  Allow these untruths to dissipate.  Acknowledge them for what they were.  A way to stay safe-- but no longer needed.

Breathe out deeply.  Feel the unnecessary beliefs leave your body.  Breathe in deeply.  Breathe out.  Feel your spine relax and your neck loosen.  

Forgive yourself for the meanness, viciousness, and spite those false beliefs have caused you to inflict on yourself.  

Feel love for yourself, your wounded self, and all the traumas you have yet to unpack.

Allow yourself to acknowledge:

I am free of false beliefs I held for so long.

I no longer need to act in fear or shame.  

I am whole and loved.

I release my pain to the universe.  

I thank the universe for my lessons learned.  

I promise to treat myself with love and understanding.  

And so it is.  

Thank the Cancer Full Moon, for her sensitive energy and warm, welcoming sense of security.  

Thank yourself for taking the time and space to go deep and till painful soil, allowing your spirit to grow.

Allow yourself as much time as you need to sit in your fresh clarity.  

When you are ready, blow out your candles and do something for your home.  Go shopping and order something rad to make your space nicer.  Do a deep clean in the kitchen.  Like, “bleach the sink and move the fridge” clean.  Give your pets treats, take a sweet bath, grab some rose quartz to chill and zone out peacefully for a while.  

You went brave today, like a soft-bodied crab daring to find a new, larger, more fitting shell.  You deserve love.  So give it to yourself freely.  And remember.  

You are magic.  

X, Suzy Mae