Capricorn Full Moon: Embrace Imperfection


Leadership, planning, hard work, drive.  Such is Capricorn energy. Tonight, the full moon is shaking all that cerebral, organized and focused power down on us tonight.  Full moons are when we reflect on the last month or past year, releasing the crap we don’t need, as we search our souls in the full glow of the moon.  

Three cards pulled represent the mental journey you’ll undertake tonight.


As Capricorn is the sign for tonight’s lunation, keep in mind that you are the one running your life.  The Star says you’re the one in control-- and Capricorn wants you to control it. We can’t control everything that happens, but we can control how we react, and learn from dumb shit we’ve done.  Own up to your mistakes, anger, and misplaced energy tonight. Let the Capricorn moon obsessively root out your imperfections. This doesn’t have to be an emotional bloodletting. In fact, don’t let it be.  Just take five minutes to think about the last month’s errors, in a state of calm observation and cool analysis.


Once you’ve made a mini-list of things you wish you’d done differently, take a final hard look at them, and release these mistakes to the night air.  Death implies we’ve got to shift and change. We can’t do the same thing over and over. To avoid repeating the past, we must face it. Imagine those mistakes you mentally listed leaving your physical body, floating off into the air, to disintegrate as they’re absorbed by mama Earth’s cleansing atmosphere.  Let the guilt and the shame and the negativity dissolve. You’re clean, honey. Breathe deep.


The Nine of Wands says you’re on a path, with a final delivery or conclusion just around the bend.  You’ve fought hard just to get to this space, and feel hella weary. Don’t give up yet. Not now or ever.  You know there’s something in you screaming to change. To shift. To pull through. To survive and even thrive in the face of resistance.


Now go take a shower or run a hot bath.  Scrub off the last month of stress and absolve yourself of guilt.  Let go of the need to be perfect. Enjoy the full moon, and the powerful soul-searching renewal it brings. Call in wisdom.  Refresh your faith. Listen to your intuition.

Remember to trust in your magic.

Neon Altar