Capricorn New Moon Material Eyes Spell ♑️


Capricorn is action, utilization, accomplishment.  

Capricorn New Moon, right after Saturn’s moved into Capricorn, on a Tuesday, no less, is a really cool January 16th, 2018.

You can use it to call completion into your life.   

To be the one who makes the list and checks it all off.  

Taking on Big Goals.

Knowing there’s nothing you can’t do that they can do.

Let your highest intelligence deal with it.  Open yourself to the habit of dedication.  

You’ve got this.  




You need a couple of orange candles.  Get orange calcite if you can; cross-program it with willpower.  Birch is a nice, strong scent to incorporate.  It’s the first tree to shoot leaves after winter, signifying new beginnings.  

Prepare yourself to move into a different headspace. Clean your house.  Take a bath.  Shower.  That kind of thing.  Get your space ready for the spell and open your circle.

Say your honorifics to the elements and the moon.  

Light the orange candles.  

Start to feel good about yourself.  Satisfied.  

Think of a goal you’re working on (or want to work on) and let all doubts about it fade, as if you’re washing them away in a quickly flowing river.  They can’t stick to you in the raging water, and slip downstream as you hold firmly to a rock.

Once the fears and doubts have washed away, you’re stronger, able to walk to shore.

Once you emerge from the water, you are clean, dry, and appear as a different version of yourself.

This version of yourself is the one who has achieved this particular goal you’re working on.

What do you feel like now?

How have you changed?  Externally?  Internally?  

What did you have to experience to change?  

Visualize yourself having completed all the steps on this pathway to success.

Fall in love with this sense of accomplishment, and become excited for the work you must do to manifest your goal.  Fall in love with the idea of work, and process, making a plan and seeing it come to life.

Trust that the right path will unfold for you.  

Commit to working your hardest to get there.  

Say aloud:

Uncommon confidence, no longer confidential.
Capricorn ambitions, rising higher in my eyes.
Activate desire.  I make my dreams materialize.  

That should feel great.

Let the energy of the new moon wash over you.  Feel the potential and the power.  Let it wander through your body, from skull, to spine, to toes, and back up through your fingertips.  Bask in this feeling until you’re ready to close your circle.

Thank the elements, close your circle, and blow out your candles.  Take this moment to thank yourself for taking the time to focus on what you need, and what you desire, without any external demands holding you back.  


Remember yourself when you emerged from the water.  Recall how you felt and the steps you visualized.  What can you do to move towards that self in your real life?   

Write at least three ways you can activate Capricorn energy and move towards your goal.  Make sure they’re realistic, and attainable, and contribute to you achieving success.

Knowing that action and follow-through is required, write down any blockers to achieving your goals.  Financial, logistical, emotional, or spiritual… what might cause you to shut down?  

Capricorn is all about planning to succeed, and part of planning is anticipating shit that stands in your way.  Prepare for these blockers now, so when you arrive at them later, you’ll be ready with a plan.  

Trust your magic.

X, Neon Altar