Cleanse & Call: Virgo New Moon Spell

Cleanse & Call:  Virgo New Moon Spell

Focus tonight, during Virgo’s perceptive, selective, intelligent and practical energy, on calling inspirational and productive collaborators to your side.

First, we cleanse.

Clear the space by lighting Palo Santo or sage, with intent to release any strong emotions or stale energies hanging around.

Cast a circle of protection around you, by envisioning a pure bright light that completely envelops your body and the bodies of those in your circle. Light a black candle for protection. Breathe.

Bring in with deep breaths, a celebration and connection to the East.  Feel the Air rush past you, thrilling and deep.

Let heat seep into your heart, swelling up and down your physical form to reach the top of your crown and the tips of your toes.  Focus on the South, breathing in Fire, letting your wild spirit flare like a flame.

From the West, let Water wash over you, calming your emotions, settling the rough edges of your soul, like sand coming to rest on an ocean floor.

Turn your attention to the North, and the Earth, grounding your spirit, intent, and emotions.  Thank the Earth for providing nourishment and life for all Her planetary beings.

Think about the Moon, and all the people living underneath Her.  Consider the people you know that you love.  Concentrate on what makes you like them the most.  What makes you feel good about their presence?  What energy do they provide that you would like more of in your life?

Now think about the Moon, and all the people under Her that you haven’t met yet.  Know there is a sizable portion of those people who would be good to meet. They will make you feel good in their presence.  Together, you both will grow.

So let’s call on them.

Focus and hold on those feelings that come out of strong, direct connections to other individuals who you genuinely admire.  Really feel those emotions of understanding and mutual support.  

Say aloud, “Around me, surround me.  Found family to ground me.”

Let the sensation of mutual connection live on for as long as it will.  Concentrate on that feeling, and when the energy fades down, allow it to rest.  Close the circle by raising your arms high, then bringing them to the floor, saying, “Now it is done.”

If the candle is still burning, blow it out.  Your intentions have been sent into the universe!

To really seal the deal…

🔮 Place the Baby’s Breath and Palo Santo on your altar or a place you’ll see it every day.  For five days, light the Palo Santo as you look into the little Baby flowers and repeat, “Around me, surround me.  Found family to ground me.”

🔮 Journal about your emotions and experiences during the Cleanse and Call ritual.  Reflect on these notes in the following months, as you notice new people and energies flowing into your life.  Which feel authentic and worthy?  Which resonate with the vibes you’ve set into motion on the Virgo New Moon?

🔮 After the 5 days, you can press your Baby’s Breath in a book or dispose of it.  The Palo Santo will continue to burn fresh whenever you need a jolt of refreshing purity.

Remember.  We are all magic.  

X, Neon Altar