DREAM THE WORLD: A Leo New Moon Action

Hel-lo, Leo!

If you managed to skip out on the eclipse energy of the past few months, you’re probably fucked now. Leo’s supermoon eclipse power is coming on strong, sucking you out of malaise and frustration, but also kicking you into higher gear.  Motion, reaction, combustion. The moon is a motorcycle engine, dark and roaring, near to Earth in the sky.

New moons are when we go soft and quiet.  Little reflective mice thinking upon what we can bring into our world next.  Our growth, our goals, the moves we make. It’s key to pull inspiration and power from the new moon’s astrological lunation.  

This August, it’s Leo, the loving, prideful and confident sign. Leos are as warm and generous as they are outgoing.  Your favorite cat in a good mood, Leo energy is about celebrating life, existence. Take stock of the good things. A three-card pull gives more direction:


The High Priestess is a status attained by practice, dedication, and wisdom.  Wise, wily, like a cat with a goal, she reigns over the realms of mystery, reflection, intuition and understanding.  You’ve grown recently. Allow this moon to reveal to you new insights, thanks to your new knowledge.


Leos believe in themselves, madly. So take on The World, and all the opportunities it holds. We’re coming full-circle and the universe is ready to react to your action.  

  • What have you learned these past weeks, as the moon eclipsed?
  • What have you learned you want, OR what is this world here to offer you?  

Ask yourself these questions-- write down what you come up with, and save it.  The future that discovers it will be impressed at just how right you are.


The Seven of Cups refers to magical, dreamy thinking.  Letting one’s emotions take them on an oarless, reckless rowboat ride down the stream of delusion.  Let Leo love power your next fantastic dream. Bring only your highest intent and your truest self to this illusion: you have a magic wand that makes your fantasy, reality.   Wave it and watch all the rewards you’re working for appear. What do they look like/ feel like/ how do they affect your heart?

So far we’ve used the new moon energy to bolster up your pride, think big-picture goals, and conjure what rewards might feel like.  Mmm. Fresh Leo feels are nice in the soul. 


TL;DR:  For this Leo new moon, move on from eclipse season, hang tight to the simple things, & celebrate what you’ve got.  Enjoy your own company and share your unique self with friends. Be grateful! It’s a good habit.

Trust your magic,
Neon Altar