Full Moon in Leo: Human Writes A Letter


I woke up today feeling super new.  

More often than I’d like, I wake up on the couch, cat nestled on head, teeth unbrushed and the remnants of some art/ work project strewn about the floor. Even if I make it to my sweet, sweet, white-sheeted bed, I feel behind upon awakening.  As though a bag of yesterday-weight grandfathered from the past had been tied to my soul, dragging me down into the guilt and struggle of everything unable to fit in the last 24 hours.

But this morning, I was fresh.  No exhaustion or dread. I was able to simply enjoy the sweet sensation of starting anew.  Monday morning opened herself to organization, renewal, work and completion.

You may have heard that our Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse of yesterday brought energy from February 2017 to a close.  I was just starting to create Neon Altar in early 2017, pulling my skill sets and passions together to create a modern metaphysical marketplace.  

I love looking at the universe as a wise, inscrutable presence, that illuminates Her beings every once in a while as to Her mysteries and workings.  Thanks to the eclipse last night, I genuinely feel as though a certain phase of Neon Altar is closing. I’ve learned so much and have worked with so many brilliant makers and creators.  Yet there is much more to do and learn as Neon Altar ramps into the next phase of existence.

So today, I’m working through some new ideas for Neon Altar.  The emails you’ve been getting in 2018 are morphing and changing into new forms and even fresher content.  I’m trying to be more open and personable. (Is it working?)

A major Neon Altar announcement is coming this Thursday, my loves.  

It’s about opportunity and challenge and community and more.  

Thank you so much for your attention and support.

I run this shop with the best of intentions, hoping folks feel inspired to discover and realize their own power.

Because intuition is everything.

Trust your magic.

Suzy Mae