Libra Full Moon: Seeking Personal Thresholds

libra full moon

The Full Moon in Libra is a blue moon;

the second one this month, on Saturday, March 31st.  Libras are all about communication and justice. So much so, they sometimes go too deeply into serving others and lose their boundaries.  It’s a squandering of that productive, loving Libra energy.


The Full Moon is a good time for us to analyze ourselves.  

We’ve all gone through much, and tonight, have reached a threshold.  A boundary. A barrier to cross. A meditation to consider:

Take this full moon to deeply meditate on all you have done to get to this point in your life.  Get into a mindset of gratitude for all you have learned. All the pain you’ve grown from. All the realizations you’ve had about who you are.  Being thankful for these truths helps us understand and love ourselves.

Loving ourselves is important right now.  

Libra wants us to balance our relationships to others.  To see where we may overextend our expectations or boundaries. When we don’t have clear boundaries, we do too much.  What we want ends up confusing. Plus, it messes with your intuition.

Think, during this moon, about the people you let into your life.  

Do they replenish you, or deplete you?

How might you more clearly define your emotional space?

How might you find justice for your own needs?  They’re just as important as anyone else’s.

Everyone has a process and personal truth to live out on our own.  

This Moon asks us to experience the somewhat painful revelations of growth. Through this moment, you need to love yourself.  Take that energy you feel so strongly, and focus it like a laser on your own heart. Get real about all the ways you’re amazing and unique.  Believe in yourself!

Feel a swelling readiness and ability to take on your challenges. Things may be hard, but loving yourself is the best way to define your own boundaries and truly connect with the ones you love.  

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