Gemini Full Moon: Wants vs. Desires

Gemini Full Moon

Dual Desires

Do you feel that energy? 

Full Moon Manifestation.  It’s a real thing.  Feel that lowkey madness.  Taste the sizzling air.  The moon, right now, is buzzing with energy, reflecting power and illuminating our work.

Be brave, dear hearts.  For the Gemini Full Moon will help us see what we put into play: the first steps we’ve taken, the move to manifest.  Gemini’s vivacious, youthfully playful.  A sly maneuverer: we all know the stereotypical Gemini two-faced duality.  Always working, scheming in the mind.  Shifting positions, even.

Consider the pot stirred.  So examine your energies right now.  Where are they going?  What are you dedicating your emotions, thoughts, actions, to?  

Is there a discrepancy between what you want and what you’re doing?  Are we walking away from the prize while wishing to claim it?  Pick apart the ideas you hold.  Which are real desires, and which may be illusions?   

Want vs. Do

Make two lists for yourself:  Desire and Action.  Run each list down the same piece of paper so you can compare what your heart truly seeks, to what you’re actually putting into motion.  


I can always remember wanting this

What I’d do if money were no object

If I didn’t worry what others would think, I would...



A thought I think every day

Something I do to keep myself safe

One thing I force myself to complete…

Under this particular Full Moon, we can tune into the changeable, flighty energy of Gemini, and analyze our dual desires.  Seeing our double-minded, even youthful or flighty selves illuminated by the moonlight will allow us to refocus, bringing what nourishes us to life.

This analysis is important, for spellwork is a declaration of intention.  To truly manifest our desires, we must act on what we ask for.  Magic works because we work with it.  

Looking at your comparisons, between what you seek and what you're actively nourishing: are the two in sync?  Are you holding yourself back?  Have you been flighty, not buckling down to do the hard work?  



Write down one thing you choose to release this Full Moon. 


One idea or action that keeps you from achieving what you're working for in the waking world.  Concentrate, focus, and when you've agreed with yourself that it's time to let it go, burn that paper.  Say goodbye to that limitation.  Thank yourself for looking closely, at what needs to move and shift for your deepest wants to come true.  

And finally, thank the Moon, for reflecting back our power, for representing the mystery and magic of life, for protecting us as we make our way through existence.  

Remember:  You Are Magic.

X, Suzy Mae