Gemini Cut Out: A New Moon Ritual

Gemini Cut Out: A New Moon Ritual

Gemini’s fresh, frenetic and communicative.  The new moon is a time to bring Gemini excitement, wit and exuberance to your life. Call in tonight's dark, meditative, invisible moonlight to help focus and call in what you need from the Gemini lunation.  


A three card reading lays out what the moon’s urgent call is pushing you to rearrange, deep clean, nitpick and scrub. 


Bouncing around beliefs like The Hanged Man 

Like Gemini’s two faced, mercurial nature, you’re finding it hard to nail down a solid future or path or plan.  Your problem is not having a challenging path. It’s having too many paths that is challenging.  We bounce between beliefs or behaviors trying to find the right one, but in the wise words of Chris Rock, “You can’t be great on the side.”



Suffocated by the Emperor in our mind

Domineering.  Strict.  Bound.  These words are how we feel about limiting beliefs we direct at ourselves.  The Emperor is rule, order, “the way things ought to be,” smashing you over the head with ignorantly imperious attitude.  It doesn’t matter how much we resist.  These thoughts are in our heads and we have to check them every time. 


Finding Temperance by making hard choices 

Temperance is balance, the balance you find in the physical world as well as the spiritual.  Knowing how to craft a life that pays off.

Take time out tonight to seek through your options and opportunities.  Which ones make you excited to bring to life—and which merely feel safe?



Next week, cut something out that you’ve only been doing to please other people.  Stop doing it and see how that feels.  Remind yourself this is in service of balance.  It’s about being a boss and making a decision.  Taking charge of your own life.  Controlling where your energies go.


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