Libra New Moon Meditation: Featuring Jackie Ho


A three-part meditation & spell preparation

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Altarbabes: let's welcome Jackie Ho to the Neon Witch blog.  A fiery, powerful instigator of community experiences and self-celebration, Jackie’s also known as @modelbaker, the model and baker behind the Femme Appetit dinner series of Los Angeles.  

Femme Appetit occurs every new moon, a modern return to nature-based ceremony.  It’s a night and space where women of all backgrounds and disciplines come to center themselves in nourishment and appreciation for spirit and body.  Jackie and her business partner, Shay Kostabi of the Local Skill, work with local LA artists, emerging women-run companies, and wellness influencers to create an intimate environment ripe for true connection.

At Femme Appetit, my personal fave moment is the meditation Jackie hosts, right before attendees begin cooking a magical vegan dinner together.  Jackie’s meditation grounds all women present in a celebration of ourselves, the shared divine feminine, and the astrological energy of the moon that shines over us that night.  So I’m psyched Jackie dedicated her time to writing a special Neon Altar meditation. ❤️

“I love Libra energy. As an Aries, it mellows my fire and logic returns to judgment.

This meditation is about personal balance and cherishing healthy relationships. I feel that by venturing into the darkness of whatever we are struggling with together, we can help one another vanquish what no longer serves us.

💙 Meditate.  Libra, the goddess of love & partnerships, reminds us to check in on the health of your relationships, the most important: you + you.

💙 Activate.  Do or say one thing nice for yourself. Then do or say something nice for someone else; friend or stranger. Make it a fun game of give and take.

💙 Cultivate. The giveaways are the takeaways. You love you in order to love others just the same, if not more. In this way, all's fair in love with love.”

-Jackie Ho


New Moons are special to Neon Altar.  It’s the time when we call on the energy available to us, and plant seeds for the future.  Preparing for the New Moon helps us stir up emotions and thoughts, allowing them to settle in advance, so we may set a thoughtful intention on the actual night.  

Stay tuned for next week’s Libra New Moon: Hello, Stranger spell, a ceremony designed to activate productive collaborations, energized by Libra’s focus on balance and partnerships.  

And if you’re in Los Angeles, mark your calendars.  Neon Altar and Femme Appetit are joining forces on a beautiful Femmes’giving on the New Moon of November 18th, 2017!




Jackie Ho photo by Jesse deYoung