Libra New Moon: Hello, Stranger Spell

New Moon in Libra:  Hello, Stranger Spell

♎️  Peak Potency: October 19, 2017 ♎️ 


Hello, Stranger’s purpose

Call equally excellent collaborators to your side with the support of this spell, invoking a mutually beneficial partnership.


Where we’re at 

Coming out of a heavy eclipse season, where two New Leo Moons pushed our personalities to the front, and expanded our capacity to give and share love, the recent Virgo New Moon offered some respite for exhausted introverts.  We stayed in, ditched a few parties, thought about who we really want to have in our life, and nested: selective hermit tendencies.  

Virgo’s hermit-dom feels so nice, especially when seasons start to shift and cool.  Nostalgia enters the air, ushered in by burning wood, early sunsets, and color-changing leaves.  If Virgo was about introversion and selectivity, this spell uses the socially-focused proclivities of Libra to ease us out of a useful period of contemplation.  


About Libra energy

Affectionate, committed to partnership and fairness, attracted to the finer things in life: Libra is a sexy, social creature.  We’re gonna invoke those powers, so you can sashay your way into a solid partnership, one that’s fair, giving, and harmonious.

Perhaps you meditated on Jackie Ho’s Libra piece last week, about offering love to yourselves and others, giving and receiving in perfect balance.   Return to that idea.  Today we’re gonna breathe in confidence, breathe out negativity, and call in potential collaborators. 



Ritual tools to invoke your crew:

  • White Sage bundle
  • Rhodonite stone
  • Green & Orange candles



Before the spell, clean up the area you’re to work your magic in.  Prepare the candles, rhodonite, matches, and other items important to you for rituals, arranging where they’ll be close at hand. Other crystals to enhance the spell: Rose Quartz or Pink Calcite, for some self-love support.

Turn off all distractions, clean up, bathe, and seduce your mind into relaxing.  Chill music, incense.  Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Clear your space with sage.  When you’re set, cast a circle.  

Casting & calling

Moving clockwise, let your wand (or pointer finger) draw a circle, surrounding every participant (including you).  We’ll call on Directions and Elements to center our spell.

  • Focus on the East, and feel Air rush over your skin, blowing fresh ideas in, rustling out old dust of the past.  
  • Focus on the South, letting fiery crackles warm your spine, flowing up and down to fill your body with heat and inspiration.  Feel the Fire and dedication to commit to this moment.
  • Think of the West, listening to the ocean crash and crash on the land.  Sense your feelings as a wave you ride upon, flowing with the Water, rather than being sucked under by emotion.
  • Turn your attention towards the North, and Earth, thanking her for the stability and love she provides.  
  • Think of the Moon, and admire her ability to connect us humans to nature and space.  Thank Her for being a beautiful companion, sending our love and respect.

Identify your skill

Tap into your intuition, open your heart and mind, and identify what you excel at.  What’s your superpower?  Why are you so good at this?  How does it bring you happiness? Who recognizes this skill you have?  How can you use this skill more often?  

Hold your Rhodonite.  It helps you tap into dormant or under-used skills.  Hold with other love stones to deepen your conviction.  You have so much power.  Lock into it.  Believe in yourself.  Trust your intuition.

Now let’s invoke some positive partnerships.  Light your orange candle, calling in creativity and energetic stimulation.  Light your green candle, invoking growth and abundance.  

Now, with confidence in yourself, breathe in and out.  With each in-breath, allow yourself to take on  authority and comfort in your personal realm of expertise.  In every out-breath, exhale anxieties and doubts, releasing them and returning to your in-breath of power.  

What does a balanced relationship mean to you?  Prepare to call on an individual who complements your abilities and shares your dreams.  One who respects boundaries.  A fair negotiator.  When you are focused and ready, recite the following spell aloud.  


Hello, Stranger Spell
Send a friend
Who complements
Partnership till pleasant end
Clearer, clearer
Libra mirror
Fairly matched, No side superior

Closing the circle

After the spell, hold the energy.  Breathe in and out, letting the candles burn, and allowing your mind to settle.  When you feel it’s time to close the circle, lift your hands, palms up, in the air, then quickly turn them palms down, and bring them to the ground, saying “Now it is done.”  Close the circle by re-tracing the original circle counter-clockwise.  Thank the Elements for assisting you.  Blow out your candles and dispose of them when they have cooled.  (Don't use them for anything else.) 


Manifestation musts

We must clear a path in the material world for our spell to work.  Follow up by putting that Rhodonite in your pocket and…

  • Get out there.  Search for a networking event in your industry of interest, and go.  Smile at someone who came alone and strike up a conversation.
  • Compliment your crushes.  Do you have a social media friend?  Someone who consistently makes you smile?  But you don’t know them in real life?  Perfect.  Slide into those DM’s and give them a compliment. Keep it honest, personal, and real.  
  • Stay cool.  When reaching out to strangers, be respectful and don’t take it personally if you get zero response!  The right person will respond.  Trust in that.   


Word to the Wise

Libra seeks fairness, but, sometimes, gets screwed over by giving too much.  Libra may avoid multiple red flags, waving in plain sight.  Remember:  While this spell calls in people well-suited to your goals, your personal responsibility in establishing boundaries and developing healthy communication is necessary for a positive outcome.


Astrological insight for this spell thanks to Gillian Masland of Matter and Ghost aura photography