Neon Altar Is Now Totally Open

Neon Altar.  Opening Day.

trust in yr personal power  

if you're here, you're curious. You want to know more about the mystery of life.  You're seeking honest change, a better world.

Neon Altar is a space where every item offered serves a purpose: helping people connect to their intuition.  From the unique crystals to pop culture-obsessed tarot decks, every piece is intended to support the relationship between self and spirit.  

Aesthetics, too, are important.  Neon Altar's wares are witch-tested and hand-picked for their potency, indie origins, and modern aesthetic.  Now?  All curation.  We'll start making our own goods and flair in the coming year.  

So who is "we"?  It's a small group of collaborators and cool people surrounding and supporting Neon Altar founder and Head Boss Witch Suzy Mae.  Hi, I'm writing this.  I'm Suzy.

As a witch in LA, I have been able to share my ritual practices with a creative, imaginative crew of makers, artists, writers and manifestors.  Now I'm stoked to share more spells and ceremonies with a wider group of people.  

Thanks for supporting the launch of Neon Altar.  I'm grateful and excited for today, tomorrow, and the many moons under which this vision will grow.  

Remember.  We are all magic. 

X, Suzy Mae