Neon Altar x A Touch From the Past Podcast

A city of angels... & ghosts. 

Archives of memory.  Abandoned structures, haunted spaces, graveyards, tragedy, and sorrow.  Intriguing, no?  Such is the stuff of A Touch From the Past Podcast.  This podcast about Los Angeleno ghosts and other haunted history is a brilliant, funny, touching and pensive exploration of the energies so many ambitious, creative souls have left behind.  I love listening to my pals Jen and Clark explore my chosen city, alongside other comedians and psychonauts who dream of gravestones and days gone by.  


Clark and Jen - A Touch From the Past Podcast


A Touch From the Past is having a deadly serious one-year anniversary this Halloween!  That’s twelve months of spooky stories you can dig like a grave!  Find them where you get your podcasts (I’m a big Spotify user m’self), and follow them on IG:  @a_touch_from_the_past_podcast.  

A cool podcast alert isn’t enough?  Well, my friend, engage a little harder.  We’re having a contest!  After following A Touch From the Past on Instagram, comment on one of their Neon Altar-tagged contest posts with our special hashtag:  #hollywoodcauldroncontest.  

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We’re gonna pick a lucky random winner on Halloween, 10/31, and ship you a full-on, supersexy, Hollywood Halloween Cauldron Set!  You’ll get a Moss Green cast iron cauldron, stainless steel tongs, 10-pack of charcoal discs, shiny iridescent lighter, starter sand, white copal sample, and some fresh AF how-to instructions, packed tight in a sweet ‘n’ smart box.  That’s it!  Follow, comment, and let lady luck lead the way. 


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