New Moon Stories: Leo Beginnings

Leo Neon Altar

It’s La Leona, they whispered. La Leona is here.


A hush fell over the village, each person warmed by her hazy glow. You felt her before you saw her, a buzzing bravery running through your veins that hadn’t been there before. As if her presence brought the courage most looked for in a bottle.




La Leona came through the village every summer, inviting The Heat, who floated along behind her. Together, they brought magic to the village that no one could understand, but everyone welcomed. Songs were more beautiful, food was more tasty, and love was more deep when La Leona came through.




La Leona’s soft zapatitos barely made a sound as she walked past each villager’s home.

Tiny children ran up to her, gazing up at her royal face, but not for too long - that would be rude! Her fingers traced the tops of their heads lovingly, leaving golden dust in their hair. The children ran off happily to their homes so their madres could collect the dust in a jar.

Leftover magic for the family to use later. 



The Goddess, this embodiment of courage and honesty and generosity, walked through the village with a secret this summer. Even The Heat didn’t know what was in store.




La Leona stopped just outside the house of a family whose baby was just born that morning. A soft, squishy little thing. All the madres were envious of this baby. Their baby wasn’t born with a soft golden glow around them. What made this one so special? 



If you can believe it was possible, the hush across the village actually grew. Louder. Louder. Hush, HUSH, HUSH. All that was heard was a knock on the door. Some swear they never even saw La Leona lift up her fist. The knock just happened. But that was just the way she did things.



A tall, slender man with the pride of a father and the sweat of a Capricorn opened the door. Who knows who he expected, but it was not La Leona.

La Leona, he whispered. ¿Que haces aqui?

La Leona smiled warmly at the new father and looked beyond towards a golden haze that hovered over his head and seeped out through the open door.

They locked eyes and he knew

He stepped aside, leading her into the small living room where the baby slept in her mother’s arms. The Great Golden Baby’s glow really was as beautiful as she had heard in the Place Where Goddesses Wait.

La Leona smiled at the mother, but her gaze never left The Great Golden Baby.

Some villagers claimed the house La Leona entered shook and glowed brighter than even the Sun Herself. Others swear they heard the most deafening silence coupled with a deep sense of peace.


What the villagers didn’t know was that this was the first baby ever born in the Summer. La Leona had been waiting for her for eons. The Great Golden Baby, and all those born after her during La Temporada de La Leona would be bestowed with the gifts of passion, creativity, humor, amongst others.


These Great Golden Babies were then expected to spread these gifts to the world, reminding others that there is more than what is to be done ‘round the house, or in the yard.

They serve as a reminder that there is More.


Though it’s been quite a while since She Herself has been seen, she comes every Summer. You’ve probably felt her, too. Can feel The Heat, her old friend, all around us? That means, she’s here.


Leo Beginnings


This month's Leo New Moon Story created by:

Words: Nadia Vazquez, @abigbagofbbqchips 

Model: Janeva Zentz, @janevazentz

MUA/ Stylist: Derya Derman, @derya_was_here

Astrological consultant:  Gillian Masland, @softgeode

Photographer & producer: Suzy Mae, @suzy_mae


Please credit @neonaltar & above if reposting 🙏