New Moon Stories: Cancer Reflect

Cancer Reflect


Cancer looks at herself in the mirror. It is more than a casual glimpse, but a quiet moment of presence, that is much needed this evening.  Cancer doesn’t hesitate to take a real look at herself.



No, this is not a time to finagle with her lipstick—which looks natural enough to not be a distraction to her ethically-made dress because yes, she pays attention—but instead it is a moment to check in with herself.


Her heart.
Her soul.


      Another trip around the sun, here she is. She is ready. Her Earth body may be one year older, but spiritually, she feels as if she is light years wiser.


In the mirror, she watches her chest inflate and deflate just like how waves move along the shortline. In and out. Back and forth. It is all part of the natural order of things on this Earthly plane. She knows nothing lasts forever, but a minute with the air that keeps her alive grounds here.




She looks into her dark brown eyes, the eyes that hold stories of love and fear; memories of joy and sadness. They are the gateway into her endearingly moody, but never boring, inner world. Her emotional depth can give the world’s oceans a run for its money sometimes.


Cancer reflects back to where she was a year ago. But she does not measure her growth on what she believes are superficial metrics—like making more money, a job change, although those things are nice and needed at times. Instead she wonders if she held those close to her close enough. Did she connect with her loved ones deeply enough? Did she express herself through her art, whether that be writing, painting, singing or dancing, enough?


The real question is: did she actually live enough in a way that is aligned with her values?

Did she feel enough?



But having enough can plague Cancer. It can be a burden. Sometimes she can get caught up in wanting to get everything enough. She knows this often keeps her from enjoying the journey, but the emotions that drive her to feel satisfied are too strong like the ocean’s tides.




Cancer is not afraid of the intensity of her emotions.
Well, sometimes she is.


And sometimes, there is a bit of an addictive quality to having all the feels because who is she without all of these feelings?



Sometimes, when her emotions are too much—when she is feeling too sensitive—she hides. She hides in her shell. For a crabby Cancer, that is usually her home.


     She knows it can be dangerous to be so vulnerable out in the wild, on the shore, in such an unruly emotional state. But she also knows she needs to feel the feels because that is the only way out of an emotional storm. Cancer does not see her emotions as a burden. It is her gift. Her emotions allow her to empathize, show compassion, and be of service to the world. She knows this, and it is this sense of knowing that carries her through turbulent times.  

Cancer touches the mirror. She smiles at herself.

She looks good and she knows it. She is ready to have a good time.

To celebrate herself, to celebrate life, to celebrate the people that make her life full.

She is ready to ride into the fun, and enjoy another precious trip around the sun.




This month's Cancer New Moon Story created by:


Words: Nicole Karlis, @nicolekarlis

Model: Lenoria Addison, @noraradd

MUA/ Stylist: Derya Derman, @derya_was_here

Astrological consultant:  Gillian Masland, @softgeode

Photographer & producer: Suzy Mae, @suzy_mae

Please credit @neonaltar & above if reposting 🙏🏻