Organized Thought: A Virgo New Moon Writing Ritual


Virgo New Moon is here, and this lunation is exceptionally focused.  Kind and supportive, perfectionist to a point, Virgo energy is a calm wave of sorted-out energy.  With new moons, we’ll want to gather our desires, as the unlit moon harbors potential for our dreams, wishes, and plans.  The energy of the astrological sign we’re in helps usher us along our path. Here, the Neon Witch offers a three-card reading to help us celebrate the Virgo new moon.  


The 4 of Swords says you have your game plan to achieving your desires within your mind already-- you merely need to go further and bring them to reality.  Think of Virgo’s innate, orderly nature, and how Virgo babies always seem to have an answer or a rule to follow. You know the rules you want to play by. Let them emerge and materialize tonight. 


Chariot represents momentum, achievement, determination to win.  Your heart’s set on these goals, even if the recent eclipse season’s left you feeling depleted or discouraged.  The good news is that you’re not out of the race. Not by a long shot. Take a few deep breaths in the dark night to reconnect to your spirit and drive.  You’re gonna make it, boo boo.


Hierophant is a wise card, a very Virgo card, one communicating information, sharing that information, and bringing enlightenment into the world.  In this reading, Hierophant intimates that you must “teach” the universe to listen to your desires. Firm up your intents and bring what’s in your mind and heart into reality.  


Writing is key for these types of intentions.  Get a piece of paper and write four rules you’ll want to abide by for the next 4 weeks.  They could be habit changes; they could be behavior modifications or new ways to think. Start with one the first week, then add another the second week, and so on.  You may drop one or all as the month goes on. That’s OK. The point is to begin making changes.


Bring the organization you know exists in your mind to the real world.  Manifest your own rules. Bring Virgo’s orderly energy to your life and make some concrete changes.


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