Pisces Full Moon Meditation: Manifest Reality


Full moons, the time when we release, export, expel.  We acknowledge closures and turning points. We let go.  

Pisces is the sign under which this full moon rises.  Dreamy, romantic, otherworldly and wise, Pisces can also be clingy, spacey, sad, and somewhat self-destructive.  Today we look at the dark side of our lunation, to acknowledge the Pisces-esque problems we may be struggling with.

When we enter the realm of Pisces and imagine, we go to our deepest shadow self.  We allow what is sunken and forbidden to rise. Shiny trinkets of insight may emerge-- but also, our fears and denials.  

What have we been denying lately?  Where have we been…

  • Overly sensitive
  • Living like a martyr
  • Blaming others for our problems
  • Living in dreams moreso than reality
  • Making errors due to lack of care
  • Ignoring our intuition

Focus in on where you’ve been feeling emotional and confused.  Then read through the 3-card reading below to gain some ground as you work through the situation.  


Seeking our own wonderland, we begin to ignore the ideas and urges of others.  Solitude is wonderful, yet the 4 of Cups goes to an emotional space that ignores the good intentions of others.  Pisces can go so deeply into their own imagination, they put up defenses that aren’t necessary. Take a look at your walls.  Where have you fortified too strongly? You may need to be more of a joiner, and take stock of what you have, not what you lack.


Rejoice, excite, get ready to begin again.  10 of Pentacles asks you to bring some materialism to your imagination and manifest.  This isn’t your first-go round, wrangling with the Dreaming-- you’re a fantasy warrior, having allowed your visions to lead you to magical spaces many times before.  We have another jaunt through the dream-world coming up, one that will bring fresh, new spirit to your life and to your home. Open to the gratitude flow in, and in will stream some brilliant, meant-to-be-executed ideas.


Slicing cleanly through your murky Piscean thoughts comes the Queen of Swords.  Her clean, rational mind provides a solid counterbalance to emotional matters. She asks you to step back from the fog of feels, and look at the facts.  You may have a big choice or decision to make, pertaining to a dream you’re trying to bring to life. Your gut knows what it wants-- but you need to scan through the details with your Reality Goggles.  Go with your intuition for sure. Simply double-check the fine print.

Full moons are exciting, energetic, wild and free.  Take ten minutes now to consider the dreams you’re bringing to life, with a solid and grateful attitude.  Consciously shed the self-pity and doubt that’s been plaguing you on a certain decision. Let the moon illuminate your dreamy desires, and if you don’t come to a conclusion on your situation immediately, don’t worry.  Take the next three days to light a candle, once each day. Think about the Piscean moon, and relish the feeling of wresting your dream into reality. Trust the right choices will come. Embrace your rational mind. Blow the candle out when you feel solid and real.  

As always, trust your magic.

Neon Altar