Reversed Misfortunes: A Writing Ritual

Aquarius New Moon Eclipse Ritual

Aquarius.  The humanitarian water bearer.  Unique, inspired, driven to change the world.  The New Moon eclipse today is a powerful reminder to check in with our personal missions. We’ve been busy with Capricorn confidence, making our dreams materialize, but perhaps we’ve forgotten why we’ve chosen our particular path.  Maybe we’re experiencing doubt about our abilities.  Or we’ve lost faith, succumbing to frustration.  

Today, let’s check in with the part of our spirit that’s determined to make a change.  To leave a mark.  Make a difference.  New moons are when we wish in what we want.  The eclipse is a multiplier.  It intensifies the moon’s effect on our lil human selves.  

This month’s ritual is a writing exercise, a practice that challenges our negative belief.  The goal is a balanced reassessment of our current journey. Checking in with the cards:  Ace of Cups, Temperance, and Five of Swords.  We’re tapping into new beginnings, balancing any self-doubt or self-sabotage with thoughtful, fair rebuttals.  

What you’ll need

A quiet space.

An  envelope.

Your favorite pen.

White candles (as many as you like).

Ten pieces of blank craft paper, separated or cut into 3 inch squares.

An incense blend, like frankincense and myrrh or one of Hidden Folk’s gorgeously scented sticks.

Excellent writing music. Like Jonny Greenwood, Martin O’Donnell, Thomas Barrandon, or Cliff Martinez.

Your favorite meditation stone.  Apophyllite and Rhodonite are pretty good choices.

What to do

Clear your space.  Bathe/ shower.  Get a chilled, low-key vibe going, i.e. incense and music.  Set up your writing area.  Drink some water.  Let yourself undo some stress.  Stretch out.  Breathe deep.  Settle in.

After a few minutes of deep breathing, feel free to focus on the papers in front of you.  

Write a challenge you face on the paper.  Grab another paper.  Write another challenge.  Do it again.  And again.  Until you feel done.  When that happens, take the first ten (or however many you wrote) and turn them over.

On the opposite side, write a counterpoint or realistic solution you can find for the problem.  It can be so simple.  Let’s say your challenge is “being too broke for a gym membership.”  You want to make more money to afford a gym, but don’t know how you’ll make more money.  That’s OK.  

You might just write “make more money.”  This is a realistic goal.  Writing it down will help you open to other ways of making money, ways you’ve never considered before.  

If you get stuck, close your eyes and slow down.  Imagine the Moon, all shadowed craters.  Envision the Earth passing between the Sun and Moon, over the icy rock of Antarctica.  Faint light reflecting off white snow.   Think about how large the universe is, and how brief our time here truly is.  Believe in yourself, for just one moment at least.  Have faith that you can make happen what you want to happen.

Then open your eyes and write the first thing that comes to mind.

Keep writing solutions until you’re done.  

Put all the notes in an envelope.  Put the envelope where you’ll see it every day.  Pull it out and look at your notes every once in a while.  Remind yourself you deserve your wishes to come true.  Reverse your misfortunes.

Trust your magic.

X, Neon Altar