Sad & Creative: Pisces New Moon Moment


Pisces is a moody sign.

Pisces is a dominant force in the creative arts.  And it’s scientifically proven that artists have up/down personalities.

If you have a creative spirit, you likely exhibit these traits:

  1. Associative orientation: Imaginative, playful, have a wealth of ideas, ability to be committed, sliding transitions between fact and fiction.
  2. Need for originality: Resists rules and conventions. Have a rebellious attitude due to a need to do things no one else does.
  3. Motivation: Have a need to perform, goal-oriented, innovative attitude, stamina to tackle difficult issues.
  4. Ambition: Have a need to be influential, attract attention and recognition.
  5. Flexibility: Have the ability to see different aspects of issues and come up with optional solutions.
  6. Low emotional stability: Have a tendency to experience negative emotions, greater fluctuations in moods and emotional state, failing self-confidence.
  7. Low sociability: Have a tendency not to be very considerate, are obstinate and find faults and flaws in ideas and people.

As creators, we have access to a wide range of emotions, including sadness.

Sadness can influence our artworks, lending them depth and empathy. Sadness can also impact our lives and self-esteem.  We need to create a state of mind for ourselves that leads towards honesty and expressions.  True emotional release.

During this Pisces New Moon, your ritual is simple.  Promise you can do it with things you already own.

You need:

  • Your favorite burnable or diffuser oil
  • A private space
  • Tools for your art of choice (paints, a space to dance, script writing program, crochet hook: whatever you use to create)

Take 20 uninterrupted minutes and make a work of art that expresses your sadness.  You know" whatever’s been making you sad, bubbling up in your thoughts, running through your mind.  

But have you taken the time to label it yet?  To identify where it comes from? Ever tried to interpret it through your work?  If yes, it’s time to try again.  If no, it's time to try for the first time. No one has to see it or know about it but you.  

Take 20 minutes.  Turn on the music, light the candles, lock the doors, whatever.  Try to find your creative zone, but if you don’t encounter that perfect “ooh I’m inspired” moment, don’t freak out.   Just sit down/ stand up/ take a breath…

And go.  

Neon Altar