Sagittarius, the wanderer.  The archer in seek of a target.  A lucky star continually expanding.  Sagittarius folk are honest, optimistic, idealistic, confident and determined.  On tonight’s new Moon, we’ll pull a 3-card spread to find out how we can integrate Sagittarius’s positive qualities into our life.


You’re starting to see results.  Good or bad, the reactions of an already launched action are kicking in now (or have just  kicked back). These may have been manifesting in your body or emotions, but on this new moon, you’re able to really perceive the bigger system at work.  It may feel like waking up from a deep sleep. Uncomfortable, unwanted, imminent. But you’re much better off awake, says the Justice card.


Mental thrashing has pulled your heart into a paused position.  You’re in a place of mystery, out of alignment and unsettled. The 8 of Swords is giving you space to question.  What is making you happy/ unhappy/ stuck? Let yourself really question who you are, to the depths of your spirit.  We don’t have to be the person we think we are. Change is life. Let it in. The Sagittarius new moon is primo for this type of thought.


Cycling from one foot to another.  Keeping the bike in perfect balance; spending the energy to keep it in motion.  This is how you feel from day to day, lately. Treading water while yearning to swim laps.  Sometimes it’s like that. The unexpected appears and slows our gears. What used to be deep underground is simply emerging, like tree roots through city sidewalks. Growth isn’t easy, and the treadmill is frustrating.  But doing the work to stay up is pretty damn grown. Give yourself credit for that.


You’re so focused on seeing rewards, the bigger picture has slipped from your grasp.  See the beauty of the grind for what it is: gradual evolution. Some things can’t be changed overnight.  They have to be worked for. Work doesn’t always make us happy, and that’s ok. The true ask of this Sagittarius New Moon is to let the ego, and its need for immediate satisfaction, fall away, looking inside for the answers to our prayers.

Trust your magic.
Neon Altar