Scorpio Full Moon: Pushing Shadows

Pushing Shadows •  Sunday, April 29, 2018

As the moon is full, so are our senses.  

People scream a little louder. Cry a little harder.  We go a bit wild under the full moon’s glowup. During these times, the astrological sign of the hour is potent and strong.  

Tonight, Scorpio is a sign of intensity.  

Scorpio’s stinger can wound, out of passion or impatience.  Scorpios feel so dang hard, they may not realize how aggressive they appear to softer signs.  Part of acknowledging the fullness of the moon is in releasing that which we have no room for.  Let in the good shit, let the negative garbage fade. The negative aspects of Scorpio include sarcasm, possessiveness, and being moody and vengeful.

Tonight, a three card reading for this evening’s meditation surfaced three powerfully individualistic states of being, asking us to look deeply inwards about who we are, what we do, and challenge why we’re so attached to destructive behavior.

The Hermit urges us to reflect on our own Scorpio natures.  

Where do our brooding, cunning, even our cruel sides emerge?  Go deeply within. When have you used sarcasm to hurt someone?  Been so possessive you screwed someone over? Damaged a relationship thanks to moodiness?  Think about why these situations occur. Under what circumstances have they happened? And to who?  How can you manage these situations better?

The Hanged Man reminds us that releasing parts of ourselves is not done easily.

We’ve internalized our dark, damaging tendencies and behaviors, thinking of them as parts of our identity.  Our egos. Unconsciously we rationalize the hurtful things we do as “it’s just who I am,” or “I can’t help it.”  Like the Hanged Man, we stay in a state of limbo, wondering how it might be if it was a different way… This card leads us to understand that sacrifice is necessary to grow.  And ridding ourselves of negativity is still a sacrifice.

The Devil is our addiction to venom.  

There’s something deeper keeping us here in our Scorpio-like, selfish, possessive, dramatic vices.  We might feel like a pushover without our tough attitude at work. Perhaps you’ve got to be in control in your relationships-- or else, you think, you’ll never be loved!  Maybe having a pessimistic attitude keeps you safe from having hope. Because when hope is dashed, it breaks your heart.

Feeling is hard, people.  

Letting go of protective patterns feels like taking off the armor and letting the world have a free swing.  That’s fair. That’s understandable.

But it’s so much stronger to let yourself be generous and gracious.  To allow yourself to be hurt once in a while, due to being open or honest.  Bouncing back from a heartbreak is so hard. It’s less of a bounce and more of a slow emergence from the Cave of Self-Pity.

To really let yourself get into that “good riddance, vengeance” mindset, go outside.

Sit under the moon.  

Let go of those dramatic slips and slides into meanness and viciousness. Meditate on these three cards described above.  Take some deep breaths. Focus on one thing you do that you’d like to stop doing.

How does it make you feel to do it?  What emotions, good and bad, does it arouse?  How do you feel afterwards? Focus on this heartspace.

When you’re ready, take a deep breath, and push it out of your heart.  Breathe out, exhale, blow and push it out of your chest. Take a few more breaths and keep exhaling steadily.  Blow until you feel it’s all gone.

Breathe in the rich night air and thank the moon for Her energy, power, and grace.  Say thank you to the elements, nature, and the universe. Thank yourself and peace out.  

Move on, move forward, go good and with grace.


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