Scorpio's Phoenix Magic

Scorpio New Moon: Big Intuitive Transformation

Tonight, the Scorpio New Moon is opportune to call Big Intuitive Transformation into your life.  It’s a time to let our true selves speak up, shedding too-small skin like snakes.  New moons are the time we allow something to die, so new growth can take its place.

Rebirth of the Phoenix

As for Scorpio!  The legend is fearsome: raging, ferocious, sexually supercharged.  Their furor is passion; Scorpios feel really dang hard, and let the rest of us know it. Scorpio is about stripping bare, regeneration, ridding oneself of what is useless. So rather than focus on the Scorpion and their stinger, today we redirect to another Scorpio symbol: the Phoenix, a symbol of transformation.

The Phoenix is a creature who destroys itself to be reborn.  The Phoenix consciously builds its own funeral pyre.  It knows the flames will be painful, and that its current incarnation will no longer exist.  There is a little death-- a part of ourselves we release, never to return.  We sacrifice a part of ourselves in order to secure new promise, and new opportunity.  

The Phoenix is immortal and immune to social mores. They are driven to heed the inner voice, to obey their intuition.  This is a beautiful time to dare.  To let passion take over.   

Allow Intuitive Transformation Tonight

The change that is right for you-- ripe within you-- may not be easy, but it is necessary to die in order to be reborn.  Invoke Scorpio’s Phoenix power, and let your passion transform your future.

Let’s invoke the attitude of Scorpios tonight, and release anxieties or fears we may have about connecting to our true desires.  Scorpio is compelled to compost and render all of the window dressing until the truest, purest version of what you are meant to be is revealed.

So tonight, follow your passion.  Meditate on your truest self.  Connect deeply to your intuition. 

X, Neon Altar