Sex Witch Kristen Sollée Gets Personal

Kristen J Sollee

Kristen Sollée, Sex Witch

Author, Teacher, Inspiration  


Kristen Korvette, sex witch, also known as Kristen J. Sollée, author, is a powerhouse of inspiration.  Founder of the sex-positive arts and culture site Slutist.  Author of Witches, Sluts, Feminists.  Producer of the Slutist Tarot deck AND the Legacy of the Witch festival.   On top of all that cred, Kristen also teaches a most intriguing college course, “The Legacy of the Witch” at The New School.

Neon Altar is stoked to have signed copies of Kristen’s Witches, Sluts, Feminists in the shop! Founder Suzy Mae sent Kristen a few questions about life as a sex witch.


You wrote the book on radical witches.  In speaking to so many inspiring witch women, did you come away with any wisdom for young witches who are coming into their talents and learning their craft today?  

Don’t forget the crones who came before us! Intergenerational knowledge sharing is so crucial, and I would never have been able to write this book or settle into my own magical practice without the badass elder witches in my life. So definitely seek mentorship whenever possible.


What was your witch-awakening like— perhaps the first moment you realized magic worked, or that you, yourself, identified as a witch?  How did that moment affect your life?

There have been many, but honestly, the most intense awakening was pretty recent. Although I was crafting spells and practicing manifestation since childhood, it wasn’t until I did a full moon ritual the day I sent my book proposal in — and then received my acceptance letter on the next full moon — that I realized I was in too deep to turn back. That moment completely changed my life for the better, as it has opened so many doors to new adventures and put me in contact with some of the most powerful and knowledgeable folks I’ve ever met!


What do you wish more people understood about witchcraft?

That it can be conceived of in so many different ways. There is no one kind of witch, no one kind of witchcraft. And, obviously, that it’s not devil worship. (Although I do identify as a Satanic Feminist 😈)


How did you become such a badass?  (Final question for everyone I interview!)

Awww! Well, honestly, my mother is to blame. I continue to learn from her every day (she’s a self-defined intuitive but I call her witch) and I’m so lucky to have her guidance in all aspects of my life.


Thank you, Kristen!  Find copies of Witches, Sluts, Feminists in the Neon Altar shop!