Shine Bright: Leo New Moon Spell

Move with boldness // reveal your power

August 21, 2017, is the second of two new moons in Leo during this super-heavy eclipse season.

Leo is unafraid.  Present.  Ready to take on the world.  Energetic.  Charismatic.  Open-hearted, and slightly sensitive.  A great performer, ready to be seen— never ignored. 

This is a key moment to consider how we present our Leo, energetic, charismatic sides to the world.

Before beginning this ritual, meditate on this thought:  You do not need to become anyone else.  Just allow yourself to shine.

Gold candle
Black candle
White candle


Cleanse your chosen ritual area with Palo Santo or sage.
Find a Leo-appropriate instrumental soundtrack that gets your heart pumping.
Take a loving shower and meditate on the following:

  • Who is burning beneath your surface?  
  • What elements of your personality have you kept from shining when in the presence of others?   
  • What reasons for dulling your own light are you ready to release?  
  • What beliefs, about yourself or others, keep your brilliant self hidden?  
  • Which of those beliefs are you ready to let go of today?   


Post-shower, arrange candles:  Black, Gold, White. Place your onyx in the center.  Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy.  Light the Frankincense candle in a safe place. The calming and grounding quality of Frankincense helps purify the room and bring honesty into the space.



Stand facing North, and using your favorite wand or outstretched pointer finger, cast a protective circle clockwise, around you, securing you from negative energy.  Imagine bright white light emanating from your body, filling out the circle. 


Call on the East, and Air energy, blowing inspiration and change.

Call on the South, and Fire energy, burning with passion and power.

Call on the West, and Water energy, flowing with emotion and healing.

Call on the North, and Earth energy, stabilizing our hearts with stability and security.

Call on the Moon, and her wisdom, looking down upon us with cool regard and regal grace.


Now, light the black candle for protection, then the white candle to call on higher spirits or your guardians.  Meditate for a moment in your space. 

Now light the gold candle to call on Leo energy.

Imagine radiant orange, yellow energy radiating strong from the center of your chest, encircling your body, expanding to others.  Watch in your mind, envisioning the excitement and awe on people’s faces as they see your true self, radiant and powerful.  

What is shining now, brightly, that was dulled before?  Focus in on it.  Meditate on it.  Allow it to take on more radiance.  Where does it live in your body?  Place your hand on it.  Feel love for yourself.

What else is shining brightly?  What still may be hiding that is time to introduce to the world?  It is now the safest time, protected by your guides, your circle, your positive energy, and perhaps even your circle members, to let your most secret, hidden, sacred and special elements of self emerge.  Release any false beliefs that have kept you from allowing yourself to shine!

Let your hidden pieces of personality into the light.  Get used to its warmth.  Become comfortable with being seen.  Being appreciated.  Trusted.  Relied upon.  Loved.

Where does this feeling live in your body?  Put your hand there.  Feel love for yourself. 

When you are ready:



New moon intent, please extricate:

Our hidden selves, illuminate.

As Leos live, brave, bold and strong,

We share our all, for we belong.



 Allow the energy to rise, the candles to burn, meditate for as long as you feel the burning in your heart. 

When you wish to close the circle, as the energy is settling, close your eyes and say a silent prayer while focusing your personal energy into your heart, where Leo energy is centered.

Raise your arms or wand or arms of those in the circle with you, and bring them down to the ground, saying, “and so it is done.”


Follow up

  • Write down 5 intentions that will help you unleash your full personality and shine like a Leo: confident and authentic.
  • Buy yrself some sunflowers or chamomile or both, and let the sunny, outgoing bouquets remind you of your new Leo inspiration: be out there, babe!
  • Exercise, hard. Go a little harder than you normally would.    Bike.  Go out with the intent of getting your heart pumping.  Leo is a fire sign, and this spell is nothing without ACTION! 
  • Dress different. Put a little more energy into your look, or make a decision to change something key about your appearance… maybe something you’ve always wanted to do, but were afraid to try, that makes you feel more YOU…


Thank yourself.  For taking the time to connect with the world beyond.  To acknowledge spirit and the infinite wisdom of our universe.  To acknowledge that we are all connected, and a part of something beautiful.  You are loved and you are enough.


X, Neon Altar