Step Into Your Power Meditation

Step Into Your Power

Leo Super Blood Blue Eclipse Meditation

January 30, 2018

What’s up with this weird-ass moon?

If you want to see something cool, find the time tonight the eclipse will be visible in your area.  

This Leo full super blue blood eclipse is a phenomenon that's totally rare.  It’s an eclipse, because the earth will be directly in between the moon and sun.  It’s a supermoon because it’s full, so close to earth, and will look about 14% larger.  It’s a blood moon, because of the eclipse, which blocks out blue and green light, giving the moon an eerie red glow.  It’ll be blue because it’s the second in a month.  A unique opportunity because we haven’t had one (in the US) for 150 years.

What does this super-rare, super-powered moon have to do with me?

Eclipses are change-sparkers, turning points, and redirects.  This particular lunation will also be the third super moon in a row, marking the close of a six-month cycle. You may see conclusions from activations or spells you kicked off in August 2017.

Expect emotions to rise and sensitivities to activate.  Emotional overdrive is what we’re feeling.  Energetic and powerful, instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse.  Illumination is cast on the tricky parts of our lives that need extra scrutiny and attention.  

Total lunar eclipses= feminine energy. Femme power tonight FTW.  Tap into your intuitive, strong, mysteriously powerful, psychically sensitive side tonight.  Femme resistance is rising.  Connect to that beautiful unfurling.  The reclamation of our rule.  The right to be respected.  Feel all this as you gaze at the red-tinted, gorgeously expanded moon.  

The meditation is heavy.

Be ready to sort through uncomfortable acknowledgements and difficult feelings in order to pull meaning and resolution out of this ritual. It’s all in the name of growth and progress, so put on your Big Witch Cloak and ground yr spirit.

Today’s meditation is gonna center you in gratitude.  Go deep to discover what needs to be moved into your to-do list.  What do you want, babe?  What’s that activation that has yet to be activated?  What is your future destiny?  Let’s stop and find out. And after finding out, we’ll tap into Leo energy, stepping into life with new purpose and power.

Read on.  Or listen on.  



Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Think of your surroundings and imagine yourself safe.  What is closed begins to open, deep in your mind’s unknown.  Flickers of the past may erupt like candle flames, piercing your quiet.  This is normal.  Take heart and move on.

Breathe deep.  Find a rhythm.  Take note of the top of your head.  It may feel prickly or warm.  Access the sensation of your scalp.  Feel your shoulders.  Are they tight or loose?  Your neck.  Tap into your back.  What’s happening along the spine?  

Feel the bones in your body that rest on your seat.  What do your thighs, your knees, your calves feel like?

Your feet.  Feel what they touch.  What energy radiates through them?  Let your body resonate.  Down to your toes.  Feel whole.  Feel powerful.  Be strong.

Think back to a year ago.  How much have you been through in that year?  How much have you grown?  Accomplished?  Matured? Think about what you have to be grateful for over the past year.  Think of the life challenges, problem resolutions, and flashes of luck that helped you grow into the person you are today.

Sometimes we take our growth for granted.  We need, at times, to stop our daily habits and re-set, with a focus on the next grade up.  Asking to be pushed to the next level.  

Tonight, the full moon holds deep, magnificent power.  We can tap into our deepest emotions, asking our body and our intuition to teach us what we already know.  

Really ask yourself:  Am I working towards my highest purpose?  Can I articulate what my life goals are?  What do I want to change about the world? What would I want someone to say at my funeral?  

Begin to direct yourself forwards.  Forwards into an existence with purpose.  What does that look like?  What sacrifices have to be made?  What do you have to shed to live the life you need to thrive?  What is false, and how can you cut it away?  What are you hiding from yourself?

Keep breathing.  When you get a body response to a particular thought, take note.  Your intuition will guide you towards why, and what it means.  

The resistance to change may be there.  Let the strength of the moon move you through it.  Keep asking:  What are you hiding from yourself?  How can you achieve your highest goals?  

Leo energy is powerful, radiant.  They love to create, express, and be seen.  Take this on. How do you feel when the ones you love compliment your success?  What does it feel like to live in the light of your own power? What would it feel like to achieve your highest desire?  

Hold on to these feelings, and return to your goal.  Allow it to become clear in your mind.  You have it.  You’ve done it.  You’ve made it.  Feel these emotions, strongly.  Let them pulse and swirl through your body.  From your heart radiating out.  Down through your pelvis to your thighs, calves, and feet.  Up your spine to your head and down your arms, wrists, and fingers.

Make sure you're breathing.  In and out.  Let your feelings settle, sensing them and letting them go, one by one.  When you feel clear, thank yourself for taking the time to peace out and get in touch with your deepest desires.

Celebrate your ability to manifest, and give thanks to the moon for Her power and grace.  

Before you get back into the routine of life, write down your ultimate supreme goals on a piece of paper.  Put it somewhere safe you can retrieve when you need to.  (I put mine inside a closet door.)

Remember:  you are magic.

X, Neon Altar