Virgo Full Moon Reckoning

Writing Meditation & Music Mix

March 1, 2018 • The Virgo Full Moon is a reckoning, an unweaving of truth’s raw edges.  We face some harshness.  We look into the mirror.  Our eyes are now open.  That’s Virgo precision. 

Even the most organized, perfectionist Virgo would admit:

We all do imperfect things.  To ourselves and each other.  We internalize and externalize.  Blame and take on too much.   No one is perfect.  That’s real.

To look at reality in the light of this full moon, and see our blockages and burdens in her bright, soft, glow, may seem intimidating.  But there’s a way to make this Full Moon Virgo Reckoning positive. Remember:

Accomplishment is achieved through experience.  

Experience is active growth.   

Growing is both painful *and* hard.  
But it leads you to strength.  Wisdom.  Pride.  Ability.

For this meditation, grab your witch book or grimoire, favorite pen, this soundtrack, and start writing a list.  

The list should be titled:

Little Things I Need To Change Because They Are Really Bad Habits

Then go.

  • Biting my cuticles
  • Not eating all day
  • Eating too much dairy
  • Being too emotional on social media
  • Ordering food to my house at night all the time
  • Having generalized anxiety
  • Reading reddit late at night in bed
  • Not hanging up my clothes in the evening
  • Forgetting to floss
  • Not committing to yoga
  • Not posting my art online
  • Waiting till the last minute deadline to complete tasks
  • Being overly pessimistic
  • Oversharing about murder podcasts
  • Being too casual about my plants dying
  • Getting sucked into true crime tv marathons


Notice how some of these are not technically bad habits, more “life-affecting states of being.”  That’s the fun of it!  Let your imagination run around. 

This is a spin-out of real life.  A regurgitation of the details that are actually Big Truths.  A way to go unconscious, and let your inner self take over.  Write it out.  Get down to the bone.  Virgo detail manifest!

To spur you on, here’s that soundtrack link again:


Have a super real Virgo Full Moon writing session.  

X, Neon Altar