Frankincense resin
Frankincense resin
Frankincense resin

Frankincense resin

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Frankincense, a yellowish-orangish resin used throughout history for ceremony and circumstance, is a brilliantly clearing experience.  Smoky and balsamic, fragrant and fresh, Frankincense is often paired with the more grounded Myrrh.  Where Myrhh is straight-talking, Frankincense is eloquent. 

Known for protection, spirituality, and clearing, Frankincense is connected to the masculine elements of the Sun, fiery and powerful.  Holy empowerment.  Good fortune delivered alongside a cleanse.  Plant magic power. 

Assertive and verbose, Frankincense not only opens a chatterbox in your mind, it clears your throat to speak your truth.  Allow your open mind to flow in empowerment.  Take on the concept of YES.  Bring success closer to your heart, hold it tight.  Frankincense is fiery good fortune, the sparkler in the night, a rocket into space.  

Use Frankincense when you…

  • Need to harness Go Get It Energy, corralling power into your heart and body-- burn Frankincense in the morning, or mix with other intention-driven herbs
  • Need to communicate something hidden deep down.  Unlock your tongue, free your voice
  • Feel energetic and need some energy to match it!  Include in any intention-setting ritual, requiring focus and eloquence


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