Silver Chalice
Silver Chalice

Silver Chalice

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A chalice is an ancient tool, a sacred vessel for ritual elements.  Used to hold wine, water, or represent the sacred feminine, a silver chalice is a wonderfully flexible and useful tool in ritual.  

Let it hold moonwater, rainwater, distilled water, embodying emotion, fluidity, or sensitivity.

Alternatively, use the magical concoction of your choosing, representing the power you place upon it. 

Altars benefit from chalice magick as well.  Use a chalice to represent the element of Water or the tarot suit of Cups.  Chalices are also connected to hearts, via the playing card/ tarot connection and the emotional qualities of water.  

Work with Chalice energy when you…

  • Pass wine or a shared concoction during ritual
  • Offer *special* water to your altar spirits
  • Like a special place to keep your full moonwater
  • Want to represent emotion, sensitivity, or the element of water 
  • Choose to call on the divine feminine


6.75” x 2.25”

Stainless Steel, made in India