Amazonite Palm Stones
Amazonite Palm Stones
Amazonite Palm Stones

Amazonite Palm Stones

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Amazonite is a wonderful balancer.  Think of Wonder Woman when you think of Amazonite.  This light teal stone is a seeker of honesty and truth.  It brings resolution to conflict in a fair and considerate manner.  Harmony is its goal. 

See, Amazonite assists in communicating one’s true thoughts and feelings without over-emotionalism. It allows users to discern their truth, speak their truth, and make what they speak become truth.  Amazonite really allows you to connect to your heart, and share what you want to the world in a safe, calm manner. Sleeping with an Amazonite can bring these components into focus through the symbolism of dreams. 

If you have issues with boundaries, Amazonite can help you devise and ask for a fair solution.  It also helps you to understand another’s point of view. A great communicator and peacekeeper, Amazonite is definitely a Wonder Woman bad babe stone.   

Use Amazonite when you must:

  • Connect to what you truly want to manifest and express it to others
  • Bring harmony to tumultuous interactions: home, work, family, friends, love
  • Engage in communication that is clear and fair, and sets boundaries 
  • Soothe your chakras and align your physical body