Aventurine Points

Aventurine Points

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Bold, lucky, decisive, knowing.  Aventurine is a crystal of opportunity, good tidings, and prosperity.  Boost your chances with Aventurine in your pocket! Looking for luck? Aventurine is your adventurous stone. 

Not only will Aventurine help you come into the universe’s good graces, it’ll help you become more decisive and confident when making decisions.  You’ll feel like a leader: calm, collected, and ready to make the right choice. Tempers: soothed. Anxieties: calmed.  

Intellectual capabilities are strengthened with Aventurine.  Think writing, typing, computer-type stuff. You’ll also become more in tune with your sense of humor.  

With all this logical, communicative, grounded energy, Aventurine is also good to connect you to the Earth, and help you appreciate Nature’s glowing bounty.  

Use Aventurine when you…

  • Need to lead, to move forward, to be brave, to seek adventure! 
  • Have a big writing/ administrative project in the works
  • Feel like grounding with the Earth, and appreciating Her offerings


2.5 X 0.75” X 1” (medium)

1.8 oz

1.75 x 1 x 1” (small)

1.1 oz