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Kyanite is a high vibe crystal that heals, and brings your chakras into alignment.  If you really focus, you can use kyanite to open your chakras.  Either way, you end up feeling calm, collected, tranquil.

The calming effect Kyanite has on the mind allows you to sink deep into meditation. Kyanite offers peace, gentleness and purity, grounding you safely while allowing access to higher spiritual experiences.  Kyanite is a pathway of clarity that leads to the development of spiritual/ psychic gifts. 

Physical effects can also be felt.  Especially for people who do healing work.   If you transmit healing energy, protect and boost yourself with Kyanite.  Turn your space into a No Psychic Intrusions zone. Kyanite even clears other stones of energetic clutter.


Use Kyanite when you…

  • Seek a peaceful meditation
  • Want to induce healing, physically or spiritually
  • Need to align / open / deal with your chakras


0.4 oz

0.5 x 0.75 x 1.5"