Moonstone Sphere
Moonstone Sphere

Moonstone Sphere

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Moonstone is a milky, dreamy, sensual stone that connects us to the magic of the moon.  Love, protection, prophecy, wisdom, eroticism and mystery are all caught up in Moonstone’s steady energy.

Moonstone is the stone of the mother moon, sacred feminine energies, and female empowerment.  The soft glow of Moonstone includes a mysterious, yet benevolent feeling. Enchanting, deep, and nourishing, Moonstone allows you to release negative energies and welcome in new ways of being.

Moonstone is a good stone for lovers to share, encouraging intimacy and respect.  It’s rumored that if two lovers put moonstone in their mouths at the full moon, they’ll be able to see their future together.  It may also reunite those who part in anger.

Moonstone can help one let go of negative energies in a tranquil, peaceful way.  It helps you gather your power back when you feel drained, and return you to wholeness. 

Moonstone’s connection to the water gives it a fluid, natural rhythm, like waves beating on sand.  The calm soothes and opens you up to a more creative life. You see possibilities where you couldn’t before.  

Use Moonstone when you…

  • Seek connection with the Divine Feminine
  • Would like to enhance moon rituals (especially those concerning art or love)
  • Must nourish or recover your personal power
  • Need protection while traveling, especially on water or at night


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