Quartz Sphere Crystal Ball

Quartz Sphere Crystal Ball

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Clear quartz is an enhancer, blender, and amplifier.  Crystal balls are used for divination, summoning spirits, and communicating with realms beyond the boring 3D.  Its smooth surface allows psychics, seers, and people with “a gift” to envision realities, both within the orb and their own internal eye.  

Keep your ball covered when not in use.  Not only does it pick up rando energy, you don’t want the sunlight to magnify through the crystal and set fire to your home.  (Vibes aren’t the only thing this sphere amplifies.)  

Use a crystal ball when you…

  • Would like to look into your future, or see events unfold in the past
  • Need to deepen your intuition with an organic, helpful, in-tune tool
  • Must add some feminine energy to your psychic practice