Ruby Zoisite 3-Point Stone
Ruby Zoisite 3-Point Stone
Ruby Zoisite 3-Point Stone

Ruby Zoisite 3-Point Stone

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Ruby Zoisite is made of hornblende, ruby, and zoisite.  Combined, the Ruby’s fire and the Zoisite’s grounding earth offer the user an integration of heart and head.  Passion and patience. Love and life. Hang on to yourself while connecting with others. Enhance your energy field, inwards and outwards.  

Ruby Zoisite’s connection of these two very powerful forces contributes to enhancement of your spirit guide connection.  Psychic ability is amped up high with this Ruby Zoisite pipe on the case (especially with sativa in your lungs).

The Ruby/ Zoisite combo also keeps you cool in nasty situations.  You may be compelled to over-react, but after smoking from this piece, you’ll be better able to combat extreme stress and maintain a solid equilibrium.  

Another offering of Ruby Zoisite, is the transmutation of grief-related sadness.  Using this pipe supports the grieving process. While only time can heal your wounds completely, and the care for your loved one will never fade, Ruby Zoisite can help you with the baby steps of moving forward with your life, and regaining your personal passion for living.  

Use Ruby Zoisite when you…

  • Feel a need to connect your heart and head, your passion and patience.  Integrating two divine life forces that can sometimes feel at odds
  • Have to come down from a place of anger or rage, when you’re on the verge of saying or doing something you’re gonna regret
  • Have lost someone dear, and need to get your world back on track in this particular dimension



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