Eucalyptus leaves
Eucalyptus leaves
Eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus leaves

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Eucalyptus is a sensual plant.  She protects.  She heals.  She does it with feeling. 

Eucalyptus is also known to offer and maintain good health for her users.  Like a mother, Eucalyptus is sensitive and loves to see you take initiative.  She’s emotional and open, and asks you to be the same.  

The burn of Eucalyptus is insistent without irritation.  Calming urges.  Burgeoning feelings.  Allowance for emergence.  Simple needs met.  Peace.  

On an even deeper level, Eucalyptus can ward off evil.  Block the dangerous thoughts.  Help you through tragic emotional states.  Be the hope in the tunnel.  The ray piercing clouds.  A lifeboat.  

Burn this Eucalyptus when you…

  • Need to feel calm and protected on your spiritual exploration
  • Must cleanse your space in an ethical and efficient manner, using smoke and fire
  • Ask your guides and ancestors for help and guidance, in a protected space and mental environment


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