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Myrrh.  The name is a challenging sequence of consonants, demanding you *pronounce* the name.  You do not toss Myrrh off the tongue or the fingertips.  The consideration Myrrh demands in vocalization comes through in consecrations too.  

Rocky and rough, like broken Earth, Myrrh is burnt, rich, semisweet, and dirty.  It’s often paired with a less aggressive scent, Frankincense, in churches and throughout history. 

Myrrh is known for enhancing powers of mediation, healing, wisdom, and untangling complexity.  Be ready for Revelation.  Myrrh spares no one from his questioning, demanding gaze.  (Knight energy, for all the tarot lovers xx) 

While you may walk from a moment with Myrrh feeling bittersweet, know you’ll one day acknowledge the importance of your experience.  Pain is in all things; some say pain is life.  Myrrh knows this well.  It is a somber guide through ceremony.  A scent of commandment and resolve.  

Use Myrrh when you…

  • Require a deep and clarifying, commanding scent to draw the room into your vision
  • Want to face internal struggles, like *deeply* face them this time, with help from a tough-talking coach 
  • Are holding a ceremony with gravitas, that requires attention and focus


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Myrhh will be shipped in larger chunks-- we recommend use with mortar & pestle