Lapis Lazuli Pipe
Lapis Lazuli Pipe
Lapis Lazuli Pipe
Lapis Lazuli Pipe

Lapis Lazuli Pipe

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Lapis Lazuli is a gorgeous blue stone, streaked with sulfur, calcite, and pyrite.  An enlightening stone, Lapis Lazuli leads you to clearer thought. It takes you to a zone where you can access higher truths and awareness, about yourself, your spirit, and the universe. 

Known as the “Wisdom Keeper,” Lapis Lazuli can help you connect to the spirit world, and access information about spirit, fresh insights, and new perspectives.  Truly a mind-opener, Lapis Lazuli offers spiritual transformation alongside enhanced self-expression. If you feel shy, blocked, confused, or scared, Lapis Lazuli can help open your third eye and add clarity to your thoughts. 

Used by Egyptians of the past in jewelry and dyes, Lapis Lazuil was looked upon as a conduit to supernatural forces and enlightenment.  Use this pipe with a mild sativa to get on a new level of clarity, awareness, new ideas, and honesty of spirit. 

Use Lapis Lazuli when you…

  • Desire a deeper connection to your higher self, and your deepest self
  • Seek the truth, no matter how strong or intimidating that truth may be
  • Need a connection to your purest intellect, in order to problem-solve & analyze


4.5” X 0.75” X 1.25”

3.8 OZ

No carb; comes with spare screen and wire brush