Purple Fluorite Pipe
Purple Fluorite Pipe

Purple Fluorite Pipe

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Sometimes chillness is most necessary.  A purified mind, brought into cohesion and harmony.  When that’s your state, Purple Fluorite is the choice.  

Purple Fluorite brings order to chaos. It pulls frenetic energies to your core.  The “Genius Stone,” fluorite puts you in a high state of mental achievement. Forget brainstorming.  This is Superthinking. Your mind won’t wander, your aptitude increases, you’re able to work through complex ish and absorb new, fresh info. 

The longer you use Purple Fluorite, the better you get.  Cohesion, harmony, chillness abound. Your nightmares will cease and your third eye will expand.  Dreams will become intense and vivid. You’ll stay on track and focused in your everyday life. Purple Fluorite is a boss stone of genius performance.  Use this pipe with a blissful CBD flower, and let your IQ ramp up a few with each puff.

Use Purple Fluorite when you…

  • Need to focus your energy and intentions to achieve a specific goal
  • Must escape bad dreams and night terrors, shifting into a more peaceful dream state
  • Get distracted and need to calm down, ridding your mind of fears and anxiety


4.5” X 0.75” X 1.25”

3.4 oz

No carb; comes with spare screen and wire brush