Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe
Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe
Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe

Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe

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Rose Quartz is a loving, gentle, healing stone.  Humble and strong, this light pink pipe uplifts your heart as you get lifted.  Great for smoking alone: in the bath, before meditation, in preparation for a quiet night, or as you journal.

Rose Quartz can help you process old emotional junk, clearing out your “not being good enough” feeling.  It’s a blackhead mask for your soul. Maybe you have an emotional block, or a continually running emotional theme that causes problems and pain.  Rose Quartz on your heart can help you resolve that complex stuff, resonating with compassion and ushering in some self-love.

Gentle is the word for Rose Quartz, so it’s particularly good for processing trauma.  It stabilizes your heart chakra and connects to the frequency of Earth, grounding you in a warm, safe aura of love.

Releasing is also a power of the mighty, quiet, Rose Quartz.  Let go of stress. Clear your emotional self. Move from tension and anxiety into love and compassion.

Use this sweet Rose Quartz pipe if you…

  • Seek an emotional “airing out”
  • Are working with your heart chakra, developing a sense of self-love
  • Face traumatic memories you’d like to process through and release
  • Want to resolve a maladaptive emotional pattern


Size varies slightly; 8-11cm


Be 18 or over to purchase this thing.  Promise? Thank you.