Strawberry Quartz Pipe

Strawberry Quartz Pipe

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Strawberry Quartz is a name for glass that’s been colored to look like a quartz crystal.  Does it harness metaphysical properties? Not in the way a natural, Earth-created stone would.  Might the color have resonance for the user? Yes!  


Pink is associated with love, appreciation, and kindness towards yourself and others.  Using a pink ritual tool helps you connect with feelings of goodwill, and spread those energies to others.  Strawberry Quartz isn’t “real” quartz, but the intentions you bring to your experience have real-life repercussions.  Intention is everything. Trust your magic.  

Use Strawberry Quartz when you…

  • Want a peppy-pick me up from a cool-looking ritual tool
  • Feel inspired to share love with yourself and others
  • Are called to imbue this man-made ritual stone with intentions of love and care


4.5” X 0.75” X 1.25”

2.8 OZ

No carb; comes with spare screen and wire brush